Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How's Oreo doing?

That seems to be the question on lots of people's minds.

Oreo is doing just fine.  He is playful, energetic, and eating normally.  No crying, whining, listlessness.

I had Misty scheduled for an acupuncture treatment today. I decided not to cancel and bring Oreo instead.  I figured his body may be out of whack from when he hurt his leg a couple weeks ago, and he might need some relief from the stress in our house.

Well, the good news....Oreo's emotional points weren't too bad.  I hope that means he's feeling ok about Misty being gone.

The bad?  Well, Oreo's body was all contorted.  Even his tail.  Must have been the way he was compensating when he was injured.  Both his shoulders weren't feeling so good.  Our doctor told me to see how he does on the peanut tomorrow.  If Oreo's better as a result of her adjustments and acupuncture, I can bring him to agility.  If he's still having some trouble, we'll have to wait a few weeks.

Also, Oreo has some scar tissue built up in his toes, due to the injury.  She wants me to do range of motion exercises with each joint in his foot.  He's having trouble extending the joints.  Who knew you could do range of motion for all those little bones?

Boy, good thing I brought him to the appointment!  Oreo really has no respect for his body.  He uses it to the point of abuse.  Obviously, he learned that from his grandfather, not me.

Overall, I've been trying to keep Oreo (and myself) busy.  Oreo and I are still "working the plan".  It is difficult lately to work on his fears, because most people are in hibernation mode.  Neighbors stuck in their house, no one is out walking about.

I have continued bringing Oreo to the large cemetery.  It is an awesome winter walking place.  Roads are plowed, but without road salt to burn his sensitive feet.

this is my favorite part of the cemetery, I love how the pine trees make a canopy

Since we're not encountering too many people on these walks, I've been working on our skills in the wide open areas, which usually have Oreo's head spinning like secret service.  I'm trying to encourage him to keep his focus on me, not the perimeter.

Here we are doing sit/stays:

Although Oreo prefers to work on recalls:

We have a follow up appointment scheduled mid February with our behaviorist.  I'm looking forward to hearing what new ideas she has for Oreo.


Rob said...

Hi Sara. Oreo will be in fine fettle after his acupuncture service. I think with dogs being much smarted than humans they know that when their mates pass over they are going to a better place. The only difference I noticed with ours when Tippy went was the few days before Tommy gave me loads of space whereas normally he never leaves my side, it was like he was wanting me to spend that last bit of time with her, don't know if that's what it was really about or not, maybe it was just imagination. I hope you're doing okay to.

Sara said...

Rob, I think you are right. Oreo backed off Misty the past few weeks, and stopping teasing and taunting her. He knew. Dogs understand the life cycle intrinsically.

I'm doing ok. Sad, but ok.

Kathy said...

You MEAN YOU WERENT DOING RANGE OF MOTION WITH HIS TOES!!!! LOL, just joking, wow, there is always so much and who thinks of things like the toes, which are super important, but geeze, I think I could sit and do all the right things for my dogs like the conditioning and stretching from the second I get up until I went to bed and I would still not get it all done, LOL, and I would not think of half of what could be done. Oreo, you little kamakazee running around and not worrying about your body....glad you got a nice adjustment and enjoy your toe massages!!!

Priscilla said...

Oh no, Oreo!! You are worrying us again! Please take care and try not to injure yourself! Wow. Look at him doing that sit stay from such a distance! Good job!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad to hear that Oreo is coping well with Misty being gone - I was worried about him but realize that dogs move on so much easier than humans.

Sorry his body is so out of whack though. Man, he should learn to be kinder to himself! Hope the acupuncture did the trick!

It's good that you are still working the plan and keeping busy. I don't know how you take a camera out there though. I am always afraid my fingers will fall off while I try to get pictures - lol!

Thanks for the Oreo update and take care, Sara. I am grateful that you have Oreo to help you through this sad time.

Dawn said...

I'm glad to hear the Oreo is doing fine and being...well...Oreo. Love that sit stay...but burst our in a big smile (thanks for that!) when I saw the photo of him running to you! That is pure joy!

Hope you get all those toes worked out soon. Seems like a lot...maybe I should take Katie in and see how contorted she actually is...silly girl.

Glad you're busy. Hope all your kids at school are giving you some love too. Sad is normal and allowed. Hugs to you.

Diana said...

Sometimes it would be nice to be a dog. Just live in the moment.

I love all the beautiful snow pictures. It looks quiet and peacful.

AC said...

Oh, Kathy's comment made me laugh!! Way to miss those toes, right? =) Could you imagine what kind of mess the acupuncturist would find with all our bodies?! Very cool stuff though. It's probably catching all those little things that help so much over the long hall.

Good to hear Oreo is well. I hope you stay well too...let sadness visit and then leave when it's time.

Looking forward to hearing about your meeting with the behaviorist.

Helen said...

Glad to hear Oreo is taking things in stride. Tucker and Beckett didn't seem to be that upset with Ceilidh's passing. Although I think Tucker knew that something wasn't right. He laid down right next to Ceilidh that last morning, something he had never done before.

Oreo looks so much like my Gryffon in the shots taken a distance.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Glad to hear that Oreo is doing OK! I remember when we lost Lemon, everyone kept asking about Honey too but she seemed to cope with far better than me & Paul!

Hope Oreo's injuries heal up soon. Those are great snow pictures!


madcobug said...

Glad that Oreo is doing fine. I hope his body feels a lot better after that adjustment. Love those snow pictures. Bet Oreo get cold sitting so still while you go ahead. He minds good. Helen

Sam said...

I'm glad that Oreo's doing OK and hope that you and Jeff are doing the same.

I think you were smart to keep the appointment - seems like you found a lot of valuable information out about Oreo's body. I hope that he's feeling better after the treatment and can resume agility immediately.

Lavi said...

I'm glad Oreo is taking the latest events so well, I know my own dog goes nuts if we just leave the house...

He should learn to take it easy, so he won't have problems later on. But boys will be boys.

egtara said...

Loved the pictures. Hope Oreo is doing better.

Kristine said...

It is definitely a good thing you kept your appointment! Very smart move.

It makes me wonder about my dog. She is pretty abusive towards her body as well. Slams it around into things, skids every where, doesn't seem to feel any pain... That kind of thing. It does make me worry about how healthy she will be when she gets older. Perhaps I should look into accupuncture myself. It can't hurt, right?

That cemetary is a gorgeous place to walk. What great photos. I am glad you are able to get out there and work together!

Marie said...

I'm glad you were able to take Oreo into see the acupunturist. As for the toe exercises, I'd like to see that!