Thursday, January 20, 2011

How's Misty doing?

Many people left such nice comments about Misty yesterday, and Rob asked how Misty was here is where we stand.
About a week ago, I brought Misty to the vet to have an X-ray done.  She has been peeing blood quite frequently, this is common for a dog with bladder cancer, but I wanted to make sure she hadn't developed any stones. 

While the x-ray showed no signs of stones, it did indicate that Misty has a bit of arthritis in her spine.  Nothing to be too concerned about.  However, my vet did not like the looks (or feel) of Misty's bladder.  There was a lot of shading on the x-ray, and she was concerned that it was a sign that the tumor may have spread.  She did a rectal exam and could feel Misty's bladder was enlarged.  That is why Misty is straining to poop lately.  It is uncomfortable for her.

My vet sent the x-ray to our internal medicine specialist, but he was on vacation for the week.  We had to wait for his interpretation and suggestions.

Well, we waited, and the specialist told my vet he couldn't tell anything conclusive from the X-ray.  Our options, perform another ultrasound or keep doing what you're doing.

I opted for "keep doing what you're doing." 

So, what are we doing?  My vet put Misty on tramadol (for pain) and baytril (for bacteria in her urine).  She's still taking the piroxicam,a NSAID, which has been shown to reduce the size of some tumors, as well as provide some relief.  She is also on numerous supplements and chinese herbs.

Our main goal is to alleviate pain and irritation, and if the tumor shrinks, that's a bonus. 

I'm happy that Misty still has a good appetite, despite being on all these medications.  She has spurts of short lived, playful energy.   She can keep up with us on a mile and a half walk.  Her personality is still intact.  She's my good girl.

It's amazing how dogs always make the best of things, without complaint.


Dawn said...

Wow. I need to push Katie more. She can't keep up with me on a mile walk!

Misty girl...hugs to you! You are such a special girl...and look how many people all over the world love you!

Diana said...

That really says something if she can walk a mile and 1/2. It sounds like you are doing all the right things. And if Misty is happy and comfortable thats the most important part. Hang in there your doing great!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sara you are amazing to me! You keep such a great attitude about everything - from now on I'm going to try to adopt a WWSD philosophy.

Glad Misty is still enjoying the good things in life! Give her lots of hugs from Ricky and me and take care of yourself too!

Kathy said...

Misty is such a special girl, I hope you know how much I just LOVE her. She is so lucky to have a really special Mama in such an extrordinary home that is taking such tender loving care of her,...she really deserves that so much, hearing about Misty just makes me smile. Give her a huge hug and a treat from us-tell her we are proud of her for hanging in there and just being her happy self.

Priscilla said...

It's no easy task keeping a positive attitude to all that. My heart goes out to both of you. Poor Misty...she is such a sweet girl, we all love her. I just wish she didn't have to suffer and feel the pain. I am so glad that she still lives life to the fullest. That's the beauty about dogs isn't it?

Please send her our hugs and kisses. She is such a strong girl!

Sophie said...

Poor Misty! Glad she's still got some fight in her though; what a beautiful old girl! :) Please give her hugs and playbows from me and the girls.

Painter Pack said...

Misty is soooo beewootiful and brave! She's showing the hoomans how strong she is! We continue to send Sibe Vibes and hooman prayers for Miss Misty!

Mya Boo Boo

Ludo van Doggy said...

Misty takes everything in her stride! I hope the medicines all do their job and you see some improvement. She is a special girl and I'm so glad it is not affecting her badly.

madcobug said...

Bless her heart. She does better on that walking than I do. Helen

Rob said...

Hi Sara, thanks for the update on Misty. I guess the main thing is that she isn't suffering and you can all enjoy having some fun times together.

Helen said...

Hi Sara, glad to hear Misty is doing well. Treasure every moment you have with her, but Im sure I don't need to tell you that.

Tucker had a good check-up today with our regular vet. His arthritis in his front leg is worse but my vet didn't want to precscribe any NSAIDs for it until I see the specialist again in Mar as he said they can have bad side effects on the liver. Tucker sure can't walk a mile and half any more but he is keeping up with Beckett and I around the park.

Hope Misty and Oreo are enjoying the winter season. Sure looks like they enjoy the snow in your pictures.

Sam said...

Honestly, I hate to say it but there are some DAYS that Marge doesn't even walk a mile and a half. So Misty is really doing well for her age.

I've been thinking about her and am glad that you updated. I think you're doing the right thing by keeping her happy. I hope that she stays well for a long time to come.

Marie said...

Thanks for the update on Misty. I thought you both several times this last week while Penny's been recovering. I'm thrilled to hear that Misty is still enjoying such a good quality of life. She is really fortunate to have you. :-)

katie said...

Wow I miss a week of blogs and I feel so behind so I am glad to get this update!

It sounds like you are doing all that can be done. It is so hard when they get older. Meeka was on tramadol and if made her very dopey and tired so I am thrilled to hear Misty is able to have some bursts of energy. You are an awesome dog mom and you guys should all give each other a big hug!