Tuesday, December 7, 2010

tricky t-day~ trick menu

OK, I have been a tricky t-day slacker. Busy life, no daylight makes it impossible to shoot a video, despite having a trick ready! I will try again next week, but no promises.

Anyway, here is some amusement for you. Although, I'm easily amused.

Jeff and I went to our favorite Chinese/Japanese restaurant this weekend. They have a newly reprinted menu. I was disappointed to see that the soft shell crap was no longer available.

Bummer, I never had the chance to order it.

However, there were a few interesting options on the beverage list.

For example:
And on the beer list, one of America's favorites (but not mine):
Oh, it makes me giggle, with endearment. At this restaurant, we have our own table(really, no one else can sit there!), and the waitress knows our order by heart, in English and Chinese. We even have our photo hanging on the wall.

Yesterday, Misty spent much of her day at the vet, waiting for her bladder to fill up, so they could stick a needle in it and extract a sample. Doctors are so barbaric, aren't they?

Jeff said, "Are you sure that's what they are going to do? Won't she end up with a hole in her bladder and leak all over?"

Gosh, I hope not.

I had Jeff drop Misty off, and I got to be the good parent by picking her up. Misty came out with her tail wagging, and the employees going on and on about how sweet she is, as usual.

Now we wait. Again.


Priscilla said...

How nice to have your own table at the restaurant!! You must really like the food there :)

Fingers crossed for Misty's results. When I heard about the needle pricking in her bladder, I thought the exact same thing about it leaking all over!

Misty is such a charmer. Even people like us who haven't met her in person love her to bits!

Dawn said...

Your own table?! You're a celebrity! I'd spell that wrong, but spell checker would shame me.

I like being the good parent too! Bonnie (previous Sheltie) was always loved at the vet for being sweet. Katie? Not so much. LOL.

Hope Misty's results are good.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Cherly - very funny!

I am glad you are being a slacker about tricky t-day because it makes us feel better about missing last week (and maybe this week). We have time but no new tricks!

Hope you get good news from Misty's latest test!

Diana said...

Your picture on the wall? Wow, I didnt know you guys were celebrities. Cool.
I hope you have positive results and quickly for Misty. Diana

Rob said...

Hi Sara, I'm glad I wasn't there to see them sticking needles in poor Misty. I hate leaving them at the vets, they just take the dog and walk off and you don't get to say goodbye properly, I always feel bad about it.

Ludo van Doggy said...

Very funny! Nice that you have your own little restaurant, you're like the Friends bunch.

Must be something in the translation software they use, the last Chinese restaurant I went to they'd spelt milk as mlik too.

Marie said...

Ok, I got a good chuckle out of your menus. They are good canidates for Jay Leno's headlines.

I'm hoping for good news from Misty's tests....

Kathy said...

OOOH what a sweet heart Misty is and she sounds like she handles it so well. Hope this test gives some answers, and hope they did not make a hole where urine will leak all over??? LOL. Well, not really funny.

I am disappointted you never got to order the CRAP, that is a house specialty at my house ;-).

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh HA! HA! HA! I know I shouldn't laugh since I'm Chinese myself but oh - some of these "Chinese English" is enough to kill you! :-0 YOu shoudl come back to Taiwan with me - it's the land of hilarious English - especially when some of it is so seriously and earnestly printed and labelled everywhere! (And proudly worn on T-shirts!!)