Sunday, December 12, 2010

guest instructor

We had a guest instructor at agility class on Saturday. I've worked with her in the past, but it has been a long time.

She set up a course of jumps and tunnels, and wanted us to do specific things, like layer a curved tunnel and not babysit our dogs at the end of the tunnel. Two hard things for me to do.

I was pleasantly surprised when Oreo did the layering with no problem on our first try. He missed it the second time, but I'm sure it had to do with my motion.

The tunnel babysitting, well that was a different story. Despite repeating my behaviorist's words in my brain, "expect a bit more from Oreo", I was unable to resist the urge to meet Oreo at the end of the tunnel each time.

The instructor told me that Oreo is running with much more drive now than the last time she'd seen him. She was right, Oreo was running fast and focused, even with her standing in the ring.

The instructor ended up putting a jump bar on the ground, and told me I couldn't go past it. She told me to face my body away from the tunnel exit, but turn my head to connect with Oreo. Well, the first try, I was focusing so much on my body, I forgot to look for my dog. Poor dog. The next time I looked for Oreo, but he came to my side, instead of going over the jump. So, I had to move closer to the jump, and then we did it successfully.

I made a video of these two skills in the yard. I am going to have to work more on breaking this tunnel babysitting habit, as Oreo starts to gain more confidence.

You'll see our layering didn't go so well at first, I had to make it easier for him.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Layering the tunnel looks like fun! We'll have to try it some day!

It was cool to have the guest instructor there who hadn't seen Oreo in a long time and got to see Oreo's improvement in speed, focus and confidence! You are doing such a fantastic job with him!

Diana said...

Sounds like things went well and Oreo did great!! Thats wonderful. Diana

Dawn said...

Does Oreo love tunnels? Katie does too. And the Aframe for some unknown reason.

Look how fast Oreo is running! He's having such a good time! And you don't have snow? How fun to be able to play in the yard a little longer. We'll be sending our snow over your way later today...sorry.

Priscilla said...

Woohoo! Sounds like another productive and instructive lesson with your guest instructor. What great advice she has given you!!!

Marie said...

It's always nice to work with someone that hasn't seen your dog in a while and have them comment on the progress that they've made. Good for you two!

Rob said...

You have so much to think about its no wonder you don't remember everything all the time. When you see them doing agility on the TV its hard to appreciate how much work goes in to the training.

Kathy said...

It is funny because Oreo looks totally confident coming out of the tunnel and then driving for you, LOL, I thought it looks like he likes it, it looks like it makes it seem like he is chasing you for a game. Do I sense some more distance skills developing?? YOu guys look great, good for you working out of your comfort zone!!! You both ROCK!