Sunday, November 14, 2010

we conquered

Well, my school's football team beat the number one team in the state last night. Very big game, very exciting! Then, this morning, Oreo and I conquered our new walking place!

We walked all over the cemetery. Wooded areas, familiar areas, new areas, even wide open space areas. Oreo walked on a loose leash about 90% of the time. He often offered a "heel" even when I didn't ask for one. He sniffed stuff. It felt like our regular morning walk at home.
The other 10% could have happened anywhere. He started barking when a couple dogs came charging at us along a fence line. I didn't realize houses abutted the cemetery. These two dogs looked like they were going to jump the fence and eat us for lunch. I quickly moved us out of the way. I thought about just throwing Oreo in our car, which was parked nearby, and calling it a day. However, he had been doing so well, I didn't want to go home on a bad note.

Luckily, Oreo recovered super quick, and we headed to the wide open area, where he did just fine.

Another stressful moment was when he heard kids' voices in the distance. Again, he pulled on his leash a bit, but I was able to get him back to a calm state quickly.

This was a big day, and I was so proud of Oreo. It took us five trips to get to this point, but I'm hoping it won't take so long when we hit another new place. Maybe the skills/tools will become more ingrained in his system and he will know what to do.

I tried to take photos with my phone, but with the delayed shutter time, the best shot I got of Oreo unfortunately has Misty peeing in the background!
At least she's not peeing directly on someone's grave.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

WooHoo! Hurray for Oreo! It's not easy to conquer a new place and he did it! I bet the next new place will be easier for him.

And congrats to your school football team too!

Noah said...

Great job Oreo! Hopefully it will just keep getting easier. Congrats to the football team. Our Panthers lost the first time this season last week in the sectional championship.....oh well, wait til next season!

Kathy said...

Poor Misty how embarrassed would she be to know she is on the net peeing, LOL!!! Oreo sounds like he is doing terrific and you get a gold star for doing your homework so diligently! Bet your doctor is proud of you as a doggie mom!
I used to walk around our neighborhood every day, it is a semi roural neighborhood, but now there are so many really nasty dogs lunging and jumping almost over the fences that it is plain scary for me!
Bet the more areas you work like you are the easier and faster it is going to go for all of you.

new hip dad said...

what cemetary is this?

Dawn said...

Used to be when I too Katie to day one of school at a new place we had to arrive an hour early to let her acclimate to the building, or I'd waste the whole class just getting her to focus on me. Now we can go just about anywhere and she's fine. It takes time and repetition, but eventually they figure out they're safe with us. Oreo's on his way!

AC said...

Yay!!! What a victory outing! It seems huge that Oreo was able to recover after both scary encounters. I think that's even a bigger victory than had he not gotten nervous at all. Oreo seems to be improving at light speed! Can't wait to see what else Team Oreo can conquer!

Diana said...

That is just so wonderful!! Great job! Diana

Priscilla said...

It seems it's a wonderful and successful outing with Oreo! What a good boy he is and he's doing so well. So glad to hear that he was able to recover after being disturbed. Poor Misty, hope she didn't mind you took her peeing picture!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh, that's wonderful news! Well done, Oreo! It really sounds like you're making wonderful progress. If only all dogs had such dedicated humans willing to spend time to do this kind of programme patiently...