Tuesday, November 23, 2010

trying out another quiet zone

Forgive me please, no tricks this week. Between league, "working the plan", schlepping Misty to the vet's, parent teacher night, and such, we didn't have much time for tricks this week.

On Sunday, I did make time to take the dogs to a brand new spot. Another cemetery. There seem to be oodles of them in a 5 mile radius of my house!

This one was very quiet and small. No people, but we could hear various power/lawn tools being used in neighboring houses.

I wanted to gauge our progress, to see if Oreo's coping skills had really improved, or if he had simply become acclimated to the other cemetery.

Again, I was pleasantly surprised. He was definitely on the lookout, some lip licking, and circling going on, but no panic, or "get me outta here" pull to the end of his leash. I asked for "heel" and "sit", but never had to resort to pulling out our target. In fact, for the most part, we simply walked, with the ocassional stop and sniff whenever Misty informed us of a good spot.

Jeff thinks I'm weird, hitting all these cemeteries. However, I think they are a good place for us right now. They are quiet, an occasional person may drive by, or be tending a grave. We can work on our skills in foreign places, and then, when I feel we are ready, branch out to livelier places. I don't want to rock the boat and move on to fast.


Rob said...

Hi Sara, this is all good to hear. I also think that your confidence will grow with Oreo's and so as he sees you are less worried what he might do he will pick up on the lack of stress from you and so in turn will be less stressed himself so every good adventure for him is a good one for both of you if you see what I mean.

Diana said...

LOL, I can see his point but you gota do, what you gota do. Keep up the good work. Im so glad things are progressing. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I agree that cemeteries are great places to walk dogs! So glad to hear that Oreo is generalizing his coping skills! That is fantastic progress!

Priscilla said...

I've never walked the dogs in a cemetery before. The ones here are pretty crowded and I don't think they would let us take our dogs there anyway because some people don't like dogs.
So glad that Oreo is coping so well in new foreign places! Good for him!

Kathy said...

Hummm, what is the deal with all those cemetaries by your house? LOL. It sounds like you are doing HUGE work, sounds really great, not having to pull out the target has to be HUGE, you know I think Oreo is really lucky to be in the home he ended up in with someone with such a committmet to him. HEy I think that the tricks are so much fun, but that is what they are meant to be and you are working on so many things so sounds like you have got a lot of things trained these past weeks!!! We can call them all tricks ;-) and if we do that, you are a trick over achiever!

Honey the Great Dane said...

I think cemeteries are a great idea for a "quiet place" and I always believe that baby steps are the best chance for success!


new hip dad said...

when I was a runner I used to run regularly in the albany rural cemetary. at the time, the people who were in charge did not like it. but then they found out that the more live people they had in the cemetary the less vandalism they had. besides chester arthur and erastus corning liked having people visit them.

Sara said...

Oh, that's one I didn't think of. Of course, it involves crossing the river, but not too far a drive.

Marie said...

I think that you have to go wherever you and Oreo can be successful, and if that's a cemetary, then so be it!

I think Oreo is making really good progress, so just keep it up!