Friday, November 19, 2010

Misty's morning

Misty had the test for Addison's disease scheduled for this morning. It is one of those fasting tests.

Misty was quite annoyed with the fact that she wasn't getting any breakfast, cheerios or Charlee bears, as per her usual morning routine. Heartbreaking to see how depressed she looked. Jeff was worried she was going to call child protective services on us.

It was as if she was saying,"I don't need a test for Addison's! See, I have a very healthy appetite!"

Poor girl.

I felt horrible leaving her at the new vet for them to run the test. I pictured her shaking in one of their cold crates, peering through the metal bars, with barking dogs surrounding her. Akin to putting her in jail, even though she committed no crime.

I rushed over to pick Misty up as soon as she was ready.

While waiting in reception, I imagined Misty running through the door to greet me, seeking comfort after such a terrifying ordeal.

Yea, well, I knelt down to greet her, and Misty looked adoringly up at the receptionist, at the other end of the leash, who was petting her saying, "Oh, she is soooooo sweet." Misty wags her tail, refusing to look at me, preferring to gaze at the younger, newer human.

Hey Misty!!!!! Remember me? I know I forgot to give you ONE meal, but can't you at least show me some love? I mean really, you've known this girl for what, two minutes?


I quickly got her out of that horrible, abusive place before they could brainwash her any further.

We'll know the test results on Monday.


LauraK said...

Haha you described that so well- made me laugh! I guess at least she was comfortable at the vet and not freaking out. Our dogs are SO abused, aren't they? We'll be thinking about you this weekend- hopefully the test results come back in Misty's favor!

Anonymous said...

All of my dogs would be giving me the same treatment if I forgot their meal once. LOL

I'm glad Misty is giving the new vet a big paws up though.

madcobug said...

I am glad that she did so good. Glad that girl was so nice to her. Now you won't mind leaving her for a short period of time.

Noah said...

I have to agree that this post was one to make you laugh. I feel so bad for her and I'm sure she loves you very much, but just in case....hide the phones! BOL

Jules said...

Sara, I missed your previous post on Misty. Wow. That is a lot to take in. Good for you looking for a second oppinion. I hope you get answers and help for Misty. I'll be thinking of you both.

Rob said...

Hi Sara, I know what you mean about leaving them at the vets, I'd rather stay there myself and send them home. Its a pity they don't have a little bedsit or something were you can get to stay with them. Its strange really when I think about it because when I had to leave Vicki in hospital over night I don't recall being too upset about that!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

It's funny how we put all these thoughts in our minds about what our dogs are thinking or feeling and get all worked up over it and the dog ends up not to have been thinking or feeling those things at all! Glad you got the test done on Misty and glad to hear she did so well at the vet this morning. Fingers crossed for good news on Monday!

Diana said...

LOL, thats dogs for ya! Diana

Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

ROFL!! Very funny! It's just nice to know I am not the only one who gets worried like this. I hope things go ok with her test. Sometimes not knowing is the hardest thing to deal with.

Priscilla said...

Our fingers are crossed for the results!!

Misty reminds me of Mika. After his surgery, he fell in love with the vet's assistant. Going to the clinic was like meeting long lost friends. He would not stop wagging his tail and whining always trying to go into the room although it wasn't his turn. Even though these people, in a sense, inflict pain on him, he still loves them! Weird much?

Dawn said...

That is SO Katie, loving the last hand that held a treat! And making you pay for the error of your ways, even if it WAS in her best interest! Hoping for the best for Misty-girl!!