Saturday, November 20, 2010

first league match

Our first league match is today. I got the course maps yesterday, and looked for the best line for Oreo. The standard course was not well suited for my dog. It starts with weaves, then swings back toward the crowd right at the getgo. Yes, I'm using league as training, but I don't want to stress Oreo out completely! Therefore, we won't be following the numbers.

Our behaviorist advised us to train as though not at a meet. She suggested breaking up sequences, then reward/sit 5 seconds if he seems ok, go on, otherwise end while he feels he did a good job. If he refuses an obstacle,back up and redo, or make up another jump that was not on course just so he does not think he did wrong.

My plan? Start way far away from the crowd at 10, then do 9, 12, reward....13, 16, 17 reward and leave! I'm hoping he will give me some good heel/eye contact on our long trot out to jump 10. I will also reward after doing obstacles near ring crew/judge. We are jumping 8 inches, instead of 12 this year. Anything to make it less stressful & more rewarding for Oreo.

The games map is much more promising. We won't be playing the game. I didn't even read the rules (reverse snooker? I can't even play regular snooker!).

I'm sure you can all see the nice outside loop that I plan on taking. I'm hoping for a glimpse of confidence on our quick lap around the building.


Diana said...

Sounds like a plan. Have fun!! Diana

Dawn said...

Have fun! Do you have to warn the judge before you go that you're doing something totally different? Or do the judges already know Oreo?

LauraK said...

Hope you two have a great time- looking forward to hearing how he does!

Sara said...

I'm not sure who the judge is today, but I'll let them know we are training only. Several of the people who judge do know Oreo and his "issues".

Sam said...

Rekoons? Sheesh - these agility people come up with something new every day. lol!

Your plan sounds amazing and I hope you're rewarded with a happy and excited Oreo for all of your hard work with him.

Marie said...

Sounds like a good plan. I'll have to check back after we get home from the Rally trial tonight and see how things went! :-)

madcobug said...

Good luck to Oreo and to you.

Rob said...

Hi Sara, I hope everything went ok for you Oreo today.