Thursday, November 4, 2010

back to agility~working the plan

I finally made it to an agility class on Monday night. We haven't done any agility since our shy dog seminar the first weekend in October.

Parts of our behavior plan include agility. I was anxious to get back, so I could start keeping a record.

Winter has come abruptly, and class was held inside. I thought being indoors, with new dogs/people might prove tough for Oreo, but I was wrong.

I brought his target out, and he engaged in that game right away. Huh. Cool.

Then, the dreaded startline stay. Our first try, not so good, but I was determined to give this a shot. I lined him up again, and asked for a really, really brief stay. As soon as he gave me eye contact, I clicked/reward. Then, I lined him up again, another quick stay and we went on eye contact.

OK. I think we might be able to do this. At minimum, establishing a routine is good.

My teacher stood in the ring (as per plan). Oreo did look at her a couple times, but ran really fast. In fact, at one point, I said, "Whose dog are you?"

After running the course, my teacher set up 6 jumps in a perfect hexagon. Of course, I had to open my mouth and say, "Oh, it's the circle of doom!"

My teacher thought, due to my comment, I should demonstrate the exercise with Oreo! Great. Sorry Oreo.

Oreo did serpentines & threadles in both directions. No surprise, he was successful. However, the jumps were set up right next to where everyone was sitting. He didn't even seem to care. Therefore, I thought that was progress.

After that, Oreo didn't want to go back in his crate (could be because his crate was stuck between two that were filled with Australian shepherds). Instead, Oreo was doing all kinds of tricks. Even hard stuff, like backward figure 8. With people nearby! Yea Oreo!
We'll go to another class on Saturday and see what happens. I'm going to try & remember my video camera. I want to record how he looks on the startline.

We also signed up for the winter agility league, where I am making every run a training run. No points for us this year.

I'll have to do another "working the plan" post to talk about all the other stuff we're working on. I sent this week's log off to the doctor, and she said that we are definitely making progress. That is good. We still have some big hurdles to overcome though.


Diana said...

Wow Sara that is so wonderful! Its so exciting to hear how things are progressing. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oreo is doing an amazing job with the plan! Sounds like he had a great class and was not bothered by the indoor location or the teacher or all the people and dogs! Going fast and doing startline stays and tricks too! Wow! Good boy!!

We started using your log this week and have agility, strengthening exercises, tricks, cars and other issues, and focus/motivation as tabs. Mom has trouble remembering to write stuff down but we can see how at least it helps us keep track of when we last practiced something. Thanks for sharing the layout with us!

Jules said...

I am so glad you are seeing progress!

Priscilla said...

Woo. Is that really Oreo???
He sounds like a completely different dog!!!! Must be a clone :)
Good for you. I'm so glad he's making so much progress.

LauraK said...

How exciting! I'm sure it feels good to be doing agility again with Mr. Oreo. Sounds like his confidence is really building- they never cease to amaze us, do they? Good luck in class on Saturday!

AC said...

Go Oreo!! Success after success in class. So cool to hear! It sounds like Oreo's trick training is becoming a good tool to direct his focus (or is it more an indicator of his lower stress because he won't do tricks if he's too nervous?)

Can't wait to hear more Plan Work.

Patti and DeBoys said...

Oreo...great job with sticking to the plan. It's exciting to hear how you're progressing and building yours and MOMs confidence.

Keep up the great work and thank you for being one of my inspirations.


Kathy said...

WOW, you have to be on cloud 9, that sounds so good!

betty said...

Sara, how wonderful that Oreo and you are making excellent progress.
You are determined and dedicated and patience and loving. It is beautiful to watch you working together. I love that Oreo was doing his tricks for all to see. Precious Boy!

Marie said...

Everytime I read about Oreo's progress it just brings a smile to my face. You are really to be commended for getting a good plan of action and sticking with it. Way to go!!!

Brittany said...

Yay for so much progress! You guys are working so hard, and it is already making a big difference. I can't wait to see videos of this new Oreo doing agility!