Wednesday, October 27, 2010

working the plan 3

The behaviorist sent me a chart to record our progress/lack of progress. I filled it out for one week, and emailed it to her. It was a great way for her (and me!) to see what Oreo needs to work on, and how we need to tweak the plan.

I also showed her the video I posted here last Sunday, as well as this one where Oreo worked on start line stays, while my neighbor & kid worked on the towering treehouse 15 feet behind the picket fence. I thought he did pretty well, considering the added distraction. I didn't make him stay long, or lead out as far as I would if there were no distractions.

Summation.....we have to work on desensitizing Oreo to men on walks. He often will start barking at them, typically if we are still close to home. So, the doctor wants me to retreat (u-turn!) then ask for a sit or heel.

Also, Misty is a problem. I have to put her inside when training. I knew that was coming. The doctor said that Misty was distracting her in the videos, so surely she is not helping Oreo relax in the situations. Duh.

This week, we are working on teaching Oreo to go to his mat or target in the back doorway, on leash. We will use this for when the kids are in the yard. The doctor wants him to be going to the back door/mudroom on cue, rather than as an escape route. Once on his mat, we can do RP stuff.

Overall, we've made progress, but still have a lot of work to do. Plus, we haven't been to an agility class in FOREVER! I still have a bunch of stuff I want to try out there. I can't seem to get myself to the Wednesday night classes after a long day at work, so I'm excited that the Saturday classes are starting back up soon.

I recommend charting, for anyone who has behaviors they want to change. It is really enlightening when you start keeping track of stuff.

If anyone wants to see mine, let me know, and I will be happy to email it to you. I'd post it here, but can't seem to figure out how! It is really a simple chart that you could customize for your own needs.

Today, Oreo was able to walk past two men in the cemetery who were pouring concrete. We walked by 4 times, and each time, Oreo was able to heel and gaze up at me. It made me feel so good to dole out all those treats, rather than have him pulling to the end of his leash, trying to get away as fast as possible.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oreo did so well in the video Sara! Wow! It was amazing to see him look over at the neighbor kids and then look back to you and do the stay and jump! Even towards the end when he did bark, you were so calm and got him to come right back for the hand touch and target! Great, great job!

Also walking by the concrete men in the cemetery and heeling and looking up at you - that is huge!

I am glad things are going so well. I know it is A LOT of work but it is so wonderful that you can see the results!

I would like to see your training chart - I have been lazy to start one but can totally see the value in it. I will email you my email address!

AC said...

It's got to be great to have that kind of feedback from a professional. It sounds like Oreo continues to make progress. I'll echo Ricky, the cemetery men was a great success!

I feel like BM with Miss Kona has been on hold but Team Oreo will be the inspiring motivator once we get started again!

Can't wait to hear how thing go at agility when you make it back to class.

andrea said...

that's fabulous :)

so glad you are seeing progress

so rewarding eh?

katie said...

Seeing your progress with Oreo is really encouraging. Sometimes it's easy to think things won't get better with a reactive pup, but Oreo's progress is proof that it can happen! I would love to see your chart. I have a couple I use with Maizey, but I love charts and things they can be so helpful! Can't wait to follow more exciting progress.

Priscilla said...

Oreo is doing amazingly well! But just look at Misty there! What a cutie pie :)
It's great to see Oreo progressing so well so soon!!!

Dawn said...

I was watching Oreo's two little white eyes on the back of his behind. Occurred to me that if you're Oreo it's good to have eyes on the back of your behind...the better to see anything scary.

I too would like to have your chart...we have issues over here as well.

Sara said...

Dawn,email me at, and I'll send the chart to you.

Diana said...

I can see Misty being to much of a distraction. If Miley thinks any of the other dogs may earn her treat, she looses her mind. Cant concentrate and is just all over the place.

Oreo is doing really well. Good for you guys.


Kelly said...

Hi Sara :) I enjoyed your video! Tip and I used to do agility (she is a border collie)and she did pretty well. We did a show at the Georgia National Fair with the guy that did the stockdog demos and she was a crowd pleaser. The only thing I could never get her to do well was the weave poles, she drove me crazy with that. She loved the tunnels, both collapsed and regular. Do you just use the clicker or give verbal commands to the next obstacle? I will have to go back and read some more. Good luck! Its a lot of work, but worth it!

Monica said...

Dear Sara, your comment on my blog made me happy!!
Thanks and see you soon!!!

Kathy said...

For some reason the video is not showing for me, so I will come back, but you are so AWESOME, and doing such a good job on your plan. You know how I feel about charting, LOL, I am a little obsessive and I know most people resist because it seems so much or overkill, but IT SEEMS TO WORK! LOL.
I have said it before but gosh, Oreo is just so lucky to have such a great friend and to have you working so had to help him feel more comfortable-that is such a shining example of the love you have for him-he really is a lucky dog.
Boy, my dogs can really thwart my training for another one sometimes, LOL, funny Misty can add into the reacting to things. Guess that is another place where video taping what is going on that you might not see at the time helps, I can not believe how well thought out your plan is. YOU GUYS GO!!!! Sounds like the progress you have made is amazing! I am just so happy for you and Oreo. I wish I had had a plan like this when my sheltie Skyler was trying to do agility, maybe I could have kept widening his world a little more then I did....sorry Skyler.

Sam said...

Man, this is just so awesome for you and Oreo. After only such a short time, you've made big changes and seen improvements. I can't wait to see how he looks as time progresses. Bravo!

Kathy said...

I finally gt the video to work and I LOVE how calm you look and how Oreo seems to react to that. hahahaah, that Misty does look like the ultimate distraction.....I was imagining she was doing a lot of barking, when I was reading your post but it was funny to see her trying to do her training while Oreo was playing the game!