Saturday, October 30, 2010

working on startlines

Part of our behavior plan is working on startline stays.

Yesterday, Oreo and I practiced with no distractions, except a chain saw going next door. Background noise around here! Seems like someone is always chopping a tree down.

Oreo knows what the deal is with startline stays. Our magic word is "go". I say "ready.....", then "go".

We use "line up...ready....go" when we play ball sometimes, so this is very familiar to Oreo. I'm simply adding agility to the mix.

Sometimes, he goes on "ready". He's too excited.

Other times, he does it perfectly.

My favorite is when Oreo starts to move on "ready", then realizes, oops she didn't say the magic word, and he comes to a halt in front of the bar, then, I say "go". It always cracks me up, because I realize something IS going on in that brain of his.

I probably should be resetting him when he does that, but I think if Oreo's smart enough to stop himself, he knows he messed up. I don't want to defeat him more by starting from scratch, at least, not at this point.

Here's a quick video of all three versions of Oreo's startline.

Isn't his little "set" crouch the cutest? OK, I think just about everything Oreo does is cute, except when he's biting my slippers, while my feet are in them.


Dawn said...

Everything about Oreo IS cute! He's just so smart.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oreo is doing great bursting off the startline!! We're trying to work on that - I some times go before my magic word too and mom is conflicted about what to do. I like your thoughts about it. Mom always repositions me when it happens in class because of the pressure to do so from the teacher. It demotivates me though.

Oreo looks very focused on the game even with the background noise! Good boy - he is relaxing more!

Diana said...

Oreo is cute!! Oreo looks like he has a good startline stay. Unlike some ohter dog I know. LOL

How is Misty feeling about being inside when you train? Diana

Sara said...

I don't think she minds too much. Misty has a loud, sorrowful cry (sounds like she is dying) if she's really upset, and I haven't heard it yet!

Priscilla said...

He is such a cutie pie and very clever too!
Good job, Oreo :)

new hip dad said...

love the way he tenses at the starting line on the "ready" command. know the feeling. (or at least I can remember it)

Kathy said...

Oreo is the cutest and he sure looks like he likes his training sessions!

Patti and DeBoys said...

Oreo...we think everything you do is cute, also. Great job on your start line stays..we need to work on ours.

Marie said...

Oreo is a doll. Nice work on the startline stays..