Tuesday, October 12, 2010

tricky t-day ~ pull

I was inspired by Rob's dog, Tommy, who knows how to open the kitchen cabinet where his biscuits are kept. Tommy's also trained to wait for a human to get him the biscuit, rather than helping himself. An even more impressive skill.

Tommy knows lots of useful tricks, like finding keys and fetching beer.

I thought it was about time for Oreo to work on some useful tricks again, rather than ridiculous things like doing backwards eights!

I had given up on trying to get Oreo to pull my garden cart, because we weren't getting anywhere. When I saw Tommy open the cabinet, it gave me an idea! If I could get Oreo to pull open a door, maybe he could generalize the "pull" motion to the cart.

A year ago, I taught Oreo to shut doors. This week, I taught him to open doors. Then, we began, again, on the garden cart. Baby steps, but I think we are finally onto something!


Happy Birthday Mom!


Kathy said...

GREAT JOB, and good job generalizing, where did you get that big glove, what type of glove is that???
I was thinking of you, I got that Sylvia Turkman heeling video yesterday off the web and there was an entire section of how to teach weaving backwards through the legs, it was interesting but I thought, hummm, I know someone doing that trick--OREO!

Priscilla said...

Clever boy Oreo!!
What an awesome idea to have that glove for pulling.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hurray for Oreo! I agree that the glove was a great idea! Perfect since Oreo loves to grab gloves. I have worked on the pull the door open trick from time to time and Oreo is pulling WAY better than me. And then he pulls the cart too! Wow!

Happy Birthday Sara's mom!!

Marie said...

Very good idea! Always nice to be able to build on something that the dog already has some confidence in when you're working on new skills. :-) Looks like Oreo will be helping you pull that garden cart around in no time.

Helen said...

My sister taught the dog we had growing up how to open cupboard doors to get his treats. It was funny until we came home one day to flour all over the floor. My Mum had to get plastic container for everything she kept in the lower cupboards.

katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

This is really great for me to copy for maizey. She hates to push or pull a door, and I really have no idea why so putting it on cue would be great.

Maybe you already did this with the cart but I wondered if oreo could pull it on concrete or a board, something a little smoother? Sorry if you already do that, I am just getting caught up with your great tales!

Sara said...

Good eye! I noticed that when I watched the video too. We've been practicing with the cart on the deck now, where it moves much easier. Thanks for the tip!