Tuesday, October 5, 2010

tricky t-day ~ not much

OK, I thought we were ready to show you our backward figure 8, inspired by our pal, Ricky.

Instead, I got a video of me doing some sort of weird 80's dance (badly).

I shot this at the end of the day, and I think Oreo was pretty tired. My bad. We'll try again, but for this week, this is all I got.


I think he'd have done better if I hadn't focused so much on luring. Oreo really doesn't like learning that way. We switched it up to more shaping yesterday morning, and I think we're going to have better results now.

Some people have kindly been asking about Misty~girl. Cautiously, I'll say she is doing well. A week after putting her on Eight Righteous from our TCVM vet, I finally started to see a real improvement. Wish I had started that from the get go.

I started Misty on dasuquin this week (Oreo has been on it almost a year). Our TCVM vet told me that glucosamine helps the bladder, as well as arthritis. So, I figure, it can't hurt. Misty is also getting some cranberry powder mixed in her food.

Hope all this keeps her healthy.


Kathy said...

You are a pretty good eighties dancer I would say. I would give your dance a 9.8, LOL. That is a hard trick, and it really looks like it is coming along and Oreo has the idea for sure, Oreo sure looks like he likes the regular figure 8's.
Glad things are looking good for Misty, she is such a sweet heart she deserves to feel her best of course.
How cool, I did not know that the glucosamine helps the bladder, I have had Cricket, Liz/Breeze on cosequin, Cricket has been on it since she was a tiny pup-my holistic vet said the newest studies have shown it helps prevent injuries in later life-I forget what all she said but I just remember she recommended starting it in Crickets puppy hood ;-). Now I can think it might be helping her bladder too.

Rob said...

They never seem to do it as well when the camera is on them. I love the way Misty is watching.

Diana said...

I thought you guys did really well. I like the dance in the begining too! LOL Im glad Misty is doing better. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oreo is doing great with the backwards figure 8! He is totally getting it!

Glad to hear that Misty is doing better finally!

Priscilla said...

I always love watching your tricky t-day videos!
Oreo is such a clever boy :)

We're so happy to hear about Misty. She looks so cute watching Oreo being silly!

Helen said...

I think you guys did a great job. I don't kow how you train one without the the other one barging in. I can't train Beckett and Tucker together. Not sure how big you're property is but it sure looks like a nice place in the video.

Brittany said...

That looks great so far! I can't wait to see him do it as well as his forward 8s

new hip dad said...

I did not even know that dogs could go backwards. I think of them like bicycles and motorcycles. no reverse gear.

Sara said...

Oreo can do anything. I'm currently teaching him to read.

AC said...

Haha! Love the 80's dancing =) I'm sure Oreo will have it down in no time. You work tricks so well together. Kona's so (no, make that sooooo) not a trick dog, so I always enjoy seeing what you and Oreo can do!

Glad Misty's more on the mend.

Kelly said...

I enjoyed this so much! Fantastic and so fun! :)