Sunday, October 17, 2010

training challenge~working the plan

Here is a video I will be showing our behaviorist. It shows the work we've accomplished this week on heeling and send to targets.

Oreo has a pretty natural heel, I've just had to put it on cue, so I can call on it when necessary. I've never taught a "heel", because Oreo almost always walks nicely on a leash.

I am hoping to put these two skills to use next weekend. There is a USDAA trial at our training facility. We're not entered, but I plan on bringing Oreo, and working through some parts of our treatment plan.

So far, this is working well for people encounters on our walks, especially in the parking lot we cut through.

Oreo did have a hide behind the toilet moment this week when Jeff had a friend over while I was at work. I asked the veterinary behavior tech (she had called to see how we were making out) what we should do in those situations. For now, she suggested we put him in a safe place before guests arrive, so he doesn't enter that panic/fear mode. If he gets caught off guard, let him seek shelter. If the guests need to use the bathroom, remove Oreo from the room, and put him somewhere else he feels safe. She is going to check with the doctor for further instructions.


Kathy said...

WOW, how impressive they even call and check on how you guys are doing and answer questions---no wonder you had such a long wait to see them, sounds like they take care of you well once you get in. I LOVE their saying to try to keep Oreo from ever entering the fear/panic mode--I am becomming a BIG believer in not letting dogs rehearse things you do not want them to do....Looks like you are doing some great work, LOVE watching Misty just tagging along, she is such a cutie and I bet she loves being included in so many things. AND tell your doggies dont eat so much rabbit poop! LOL, esp if it does not agree with their tummies!

Priscilla said...

Oreo is doing such a great job on heeling!! How I wish Eva did such a nice heel like Oreo does!! Misty is extremely cute too. I think she deserves a big round of applause always following you around!!
I think it's wonderful how the vet tech calls to check up on you :) How very nice of them!!!

Diana said...

It looks good. What is sending him to an empty target suppose to do? Thanks, Diana

Sara said...

We are going to try and use that for times when Oreo freezes in place and refuses to move. He does that a lot in parking lots.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Looking good Sara! It's amazing that Oreo has such a nice natural heel. I wish Ricky did.

Going to the trial to work on issues is a great idea - hope all goes well.

I too think it is good to not let a dog rehearse behaviors you don't want but it's not easy!

What is it with the bunny poop this time of year? It must be extra super tasty. Ricky has really been into eating it this weekend and that usually results in diarrhea for him (not vomiting). Goofy dogs!

Don't feel guilty about doing the training challenge - we're going to suspend it until the Spring any way. And we all keep training any way too whether we post it or not, right?

Dawn said...

I didn't realize Oreo had fear issues inside the house! Poor boy! Behind the toilet is never a good place to be! :)

Marie said...

The video looks great. Oreo looks very comfortable in heel position. :-)

It's a great idea to have a plan in mind to help him manage situations preventatively, rather than deal with them after they overwhelm him.

katie said...

It is so good that you have such a great behaviorist! That must be a comfort to you too.

Maizey finds leash walking a BIG challenge, I think because her stress hormones are going crazy out there in that big bad world.;)

I'm glad Oreo has someone so kind and patient to help him feel safe!