Sunday, October 10, 2010

pumpkin eaters

Jeff & I went to a craft fair today at a local apple orchard. They also had a corn maze. I've always wanted to do one, so we spent the extra few bucks and tried it out. It proved harder than we thought. A bit creepy as well.
It was just like doing a maze on paper. We kept running into dead ends.

Even when the corn got shorter, it wasn't any easier.
Some people cheated and plowed their own path to get out! Cheaters, cheaters, pumpkin eaters!

We made it through, and were rewarded with the sight of the red neck haunted house!
We decided to save our money. We skipped the haunted house, and had lunch instead.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Looks like a smart decision to skip the haunted house! LOL!

Diana said...

Yea, I dont think Id do that either. Diana

Dawn said...

I always want to do the corn maze but never have. Used to run through corn fields at my grandma's when was a little kid though. Does that count?

I can't do haunted houses at all. Too scary to even think about. Good decision about the lunch!

AC said...

How fun! I'm taking my youngest niece and nephew out to a harvest fair next weekend. I think they have a corn maze...we'll see if we have better luck! I'm with Dawn- can't do haunted houses!

Just read yesterday's post. Sounds like you and Oreo had another great day! Woo-hoo! If Oreo's bouncing back from stress while still in the ring, that's got to be a good sign... Both that his stress couldn't be too high and he's having too much fun to hold onto it. Go team Oreo!!

Kathy said...

We usually have a corn maze here but this is the first year I do not see corn, so think it is nothappening this year, the corn maze is a blast, but like you said sure harder then you would think to get through, why bother going if you are going to plow through? LOL, seems like that defeats all the fun-I second the cheater, cheater cheer for them!