Friday, October 15, 2010

nationals photos

The photos from nationals finally came out. Unfortunately, there are only two photos of Oreo from the whole weekend. Major bummer. The photographer must have been having lunch during our runs.

This is the only one worth ordering, I think. I can't see Oreo's expression with the copyright stuff splattered across his face! Hopefully, he looks happy! Too bad I kinda look like a dork. If I brought this photo to school, my students would get the biggest laugh! I can just see them imitating me now!

You should have heard my students last Friday when I wore my hair pulled back in a pony tail, instead of down like usual. "Don't ever wear your hair like that again!" "I don't even recognize you!" "I thought you'd cut off all your hair at first!" "Is that you?" "Are you getting a haircut soon? Your hair is getting kind of long." "You shouldn't wear your hair like that." "Why did you wear your hair like that? It doesn't look right."

Really? A pony tail makes me look THAT different? What will they think of me running(I use that verb lightly) in a baseball cap?

This photo was at the end of our final run, I guess I should buy it, so I have something to commemorate our weekend.


Diana said...

I think its a great photo! You both look so happy!

Teenagers!?? Diana

Priscilla said...

LOL funny students!!
We're used to seeing you in a ponytail so it makes no difference to us!
The picture looks great!!!

Dawn said...

Buy the picture! Everyone thinks they look dorky in pictures. WE think you look cute! School sure has changed since I was there. OK, that was 30+ years ago, but we would NEVER have commented on a teacher's hair!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I love the photo!! Both you and Oreo look great in it!

We often get overlooked in trials too and find out there are very few photos of us. Mom thinks that is good because it saves her money - LOL!

new hip dad said...

what you see there is an inherited trait. (ask mom if you don't believe me). those arms are going up in a victory celebration. well done. glad I was there for part of it.

"new" hip is about one year old now. maybe I should be mature hip dad now. hmm, mom might disagree with that too.

Kathy said...

I love that photo, it looks SOOOOO like TEAM OREO, it captures your attitude when you work with Oreo, it captures Oreo when he is just feeling the wind in his hair....I wish I came out that good in any pictures we got!!!

PS, what is the deal, I think Breeze is a gorgeous dog....and she really looks good running agiity and no photographer has ever taken a picture of her when we are running and I am dying for one...;-(, I have a wall in the hall way for a picture of each dog doing agility, I have one of Skyler, one of Chloe, one of Lizzie who has not trialed and even a tunnel picture of Cricket....but I finally hadto frame a picture of Breeze just running,.....those photographers should stop taking lunch during the good dogs runs---Oreos and Breezies!!! LOL

AC said...

I love it and agree with Kathy...totally the Team Oreo spirit!

Too funny about your kids. I often get similar (adult version) comments when I'm around my colleagues in "civilian clothing."

Sara said...

I do believe the arm raising could be inherited, as I can't seem to control it, and am always suprised to find myself doing it! However, it is quite fun to make sure everyone knows that me and my dog RULE!

As for "mature", I may have to side with mom on that one.

Nicki said...

I think it's a good pic. I'd but it for sure-you have to have a nationals photo!

andrea said...

I love it - I could tell you were at the end of a run and about to PAARRRTTTTEEEE

I love the joy in it :)

Sam said...

You SHOULD buy that photo. It's a great team moment!