Sunday, September 12, 2010

training challenges by default

Our training challenge for the week was by default. I didn't go out and plan anything. It simply happened as a result of life. Well, isn't life full of challenges?

On Monday, we did some RP exercises while the neighbors' kids were outside playing (loudly). I was amazed that Oreo was able to relax at all. Usually, he is running circles frantically. Don't get me wrong, if I put the food away, he would have been back to circling, but doesn't he look pretty relaxed?
(OK, maybe he looks a little bit angry!)
I kept us at a substantial distance from the neighbor's property, and kept the backdoor open, in case Oreo felt the need to escape inside. He did get up a few times to run inside, but then came back out on the deck right away.

Yesterday, there was a police check point on our way home from agility. I guess they were checking seatbelts/inspections/registrations/midday drunkenness and such. I think they wanted to have an excuse to hang out on the road over looking the sparkling lake.

I stopped, talked to the officer, proved I wasn't drunk, and Oreo practically slept through the entire thing! Who knows what would have happened if the traffic stop had been on the way TO agility, but I was very impressed with Oreo's nonchalance, and am crediting all our car RP work.

The trooper was very impressed that my "little lassie dogs" had their seatbelts on too.


Priscilla said...

Great job, Oreo!!!

How awesome that the policeman knows that 1) you're not drunk and 2) you protect your dogs too!! But he does have to learn his dog breeds!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

It's true that training challenges arise all the time and you don't have to do anything special to find yourself in the midst of one. Great job on the RP with noisy kids next door! Oreo does look relaxed. And so glad you got through the police check point without any suspicion of midday drunkenness! :) If I had a nickel for every time I was called a lassie dog.......

Dawn said...

No kidding Lassie boy! You did great! Glad you hadn't been drinking at agility though, that would have been terrible! LOL

You are getting so relaxed that pretty soon you'll sleep through all those kids playing. Or they'll grow up and move away. One or the other, right?

Diana said...

Good job Oreo!! I cant believe youve been able to sick with the RP stuff this long. Thats great. Diana

Kathy said...

now that is so good on SOOOO many levels, you get many gold stars for the week I would say. First off making sure the "little Lassies" were buckled and safe passengers, good for you! Second Oreo sill doing his RP and taking advantage of the kids and Oreo defering to you and wanting to stay and work on relaxing with you rather then going inside....that is great, and then Oreo acting like the officer was no big deal and handling that so well, a big buy on his territory talking to his mom, he had to really trust you were handling things, OREO ROCKS (and so dees his mom)

Marie said...

Very nicely done! When you have successes like this in real life situations, it really makes all the hard work worthwhile, doesn't it? Good job to both of you!