Sunday, September 19, 2010

training challenge ~ the vacuum!!!!

I've been dealing with Oreo's nasty habits involving the vacuum cleaner for years.

Well, since starting RP, I must admit, we have made a huge dent in this problem.

Previously, Oreo would bite, nip, bark, and lunge at the vacuum. It was very irritating. I tried pretty much everything.

When I shot this video, I thought for sure, I would get at least one shot of Oreo attacking the vacuum, but he didn't! So, now I can't prove how far we've come! Bummer. You'll just have to trust me, he was Kujo.

Not that Oreo was perfect in this video.

However, if Oreo can remain quiet, and not touch the vacuum hose with his teeth, I am thrilled. In the end, I don't care if he sits, lays down, stands, or walks around, I just want to clean and be done with it!

Anyway, watch what happens the minute I put down our magic mat!

I muted the vacuum sound, in case your dog has their own vacuum challenges. I say very little to Oreo during this video. Almost all of our communication is done through body language.

I think our next RP training may be 15 days of vacuum stuff. Maybe we can then rid Oreo's bad habits for good.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Awesome! Amazing to see you put down the RP mat and Oreo goes right over there and gets on it! That is some seriously good training! Congratulations on making a huge dent in Oreo's vacuum issues!

Mom did manage to stop my vacuum obsession at an early age with putting me in downstays. But I get super excited still when she starts putting the vacuum away so guess now she'll want to revisit the whole thing since she'll be inspired by you!

Priscilla said...

We did the exact same post today on vacuums!!! Guess there are so many different methods to stop the dogs from attacking the vacuum!!
Well done Oreo. What a great job you did with him!

Jules said...

Sara, That is tremendous!! I am so proud of you and Oreo. You must be on a serious high to see such progress.

Diana said...

Wow Sara that impressive! I have shelites that attack the vacuum so I completely understand. WOW! Diana

Dawn said...

WOW! Katie starts going ballistic when I open the door to the closet where the vacuum is housed. She also lunges, barks hysterically and bites the vacuum head. I'm afraid she's going to break a tooth. Plus it's just darn annoying. I put her outside when I vacuum. Guess I know what I need to work on, because obviously it's fixable.

Going to have to go back and find that link to the relaxation protocol because obviously it's not an instant fix.

Good job Oreo! And Misty says; "Wait a minute, I'm not biting the vacuum, where are my treats?!"

new hip dad said...

think you missed a spot.

AC said...

Sara!! This is so cool to read! I think you've inspired me to get back to some RP work but I think I'm going to get a mat for Kona to help cue her. Love this and congrats seeing all the training pay off.

Sara said...

The mat plays a HUGE part in our RP. As soon as Oreo sees it, he knows what's up right away.

I tried using the mat other day when Oreo was really in an over stimulated/stressed mode (our neighbor was picking up tree branches right on our fence line), and we crashed and burned. But, as soon as I moved the mat a bit further away from the situation, Oreo was able to get on the mat, relax, and I did the exercises. It was pretty cool.

Just Bill said...

Sara, I love this. I can't get over how Oreo's eyes never go off you for the whole vides.
Misty has become my favorite, she is so pretty and us old people and dogs have to stick together.

Sara said...

Oh, Misty has another member to add to her ever growing fan club.

Greg S said...

There can't be many Youtube videos of people vacuuming :)
Nice job on preventing the attack. We have varying reactions to vacuums, from the "I dont care, doesnt bother me", to "I am going to hide under a desk somewhere", to "Let me at that beast, it must be stopped!"

Sara said...

Ha! Only crazy dog people would post videos of ourselves vacuuming.

Oreo is my first dog who has attacked the vacuum. All my other dogs have napped through the process.

Nicki said...

Legend attacks the vaccuum at our house. Zodiac barks at the rabbit every time I turn it on. Doesn't matte which rabbits we currently have, he feels the need to bark at them. It's wierd.

Kathy said...

I think that is how that RP works, boring as heck and you think what the heck could this be helping? then one day you realize there are huge changes happening. You have been soooooo diligent and stuck o it so well, you ought to get some sort of metal, we have not stuck with it as long as you have, we have been way more on and off....but gosh look at you guys, and gosh check out how Oreo just watches you, like if Mom is doing it, it has got to be just some weird thing she does when we do this mat stuff, LOL, you guys are AWESOME!!!! Very exciting progress. I still cannot beleve how well you have done with that. What an awesome team. I always think too the dogs have got to be happier not feeling those out of control wild emotions when they go over the top with things, he has to feel better sitting and looking at you and controlling himself-it has to feel way safer inside for the cute little guy.

Rob said...

Come on Sara I think you're having us on now LOL! Its funny how they have the habit of proving us wrong just when we want them to prove us right. I'm sure it won't take much to get him out of it. I like how Misty is following you round saying, 'look mum I'm being good'!

Marie said...

Love it! Oreo is doing awesome and it's amazing how well RP works. It really does make it seem like a "magic mat" :-)

'de Boys' - Brutus and Tytus said...

OK...first thing help our mom out what does RP stand for?
Second, Oreo that away to show self control.
I, Tytus, am so trying; Mom has been working with me on several different things to use self control -- I think I am beginning to understand what she wants.

Sara said...

RP stand for relaxation protocol. It is a really program we are doing.