Saturday, September 25, 2010

round 2

Who knew we would do this well?

Our standard run wasn't perfect. I started on the opposite side from where I wanted to be, because I was ripping his harness off from his left, and just wanted to get moving right away. I was disappointed, because I was unable to put myself between Oreo & the judge. Oreo saw the judge, and ducked into the tunnel, rather than serpentining. Then, I got lost. Oreo popped out of the weaves. Then, again, I was on the wrong side at the jump prior to the dogwalk, and we kind of crashed. However, our run was faster than yesterday, and even with our 20 faults, we pulled out a third place! No Q's in nationals, so our off courses didn't matter.

I guess people were talking really loud right behind us when Oreo got on the teeter. I didn't notice, but Oreo did stop and look. My friends told me that they had been asking them over and over to be quiet while I was running. I think in the end, you can actually hear them being "shushed". Isn't it nice when people have your back?

After our run, I got a compliment that meant more to me than the ribbon. Someone, whose opinion I greatly respect, told me that she thought Oreo was running with much more confidence than in past trials. She also told me that I did exactly the right thing when he popped out of the poles...kept going, and didn't make an issue of it.

Jumpers went even better. Oreo was more relaxed while waiting his turn. We ran our butts off, with Oreo exhibiting zero signs of stress. Everyone else had really good runs too. I had no idea what place we would be in.

Well, it was first place. Plus, we ran faster than yesterday.

After the ribbon ceremony, they read the names of the people who would move onto round 3, the finals. They combine your round 1 &2 scores, and only the top 25% in your height class get to move on.

Well, we made it into both the standard and jumpers final round.

I am amazed, thrilled, and so, so, so proud of my dog.

This has been one of the best trials I have ever been too. DOCNA is always a super friendly, laid back venue. This time though, everyone is really cheering each other on and supportive of each other. It is agility the way it was meant to be.


Helen said...

Very nice, he did look quite relaxed in the Jumpers run.

andrea said...


have fun :)
it sounds fabulous!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations again!!! You guys deserve to make the finals because you ran great all weekend! Oreo is doing so well and has improved so much! Good luck tomorrow too!

Diana said...

Congrats on your awesome success!!! I do have a question. When you ran yesterday and today, you ran the outside of the curves which could confuse most dogs. Running the inside of the curves tells your dog which way your are turning. So running the outside is giving conflicting information. But it maybe the way you have always run and I just hadnt noticed it. I think you are running it that way to keep Oreos speed up. Just wondering. Again, congrats,you and Oreo are doing supper!! Diana

Sara said...

I ran the outside to create a buffer between Oreo and ring crew/people walking by.

You're right it could be confusing, but I think (hope) I run that way in class enough that Oreo can read me pretty well. Obviously, we did crash once today! Maybe we should practice it more.

Thanks Diana. You always are so good at noticing things that could make a difference.

Kathy said...

I am so glad for you and Oreo!!! That is fantastic that the trial went so well!!! Way to go!!!!

Brittany said...

Congratulations!! How fantastic that you are in the final round for both runs!

Oreo is looking so much more confident in these than in other trials I have seen. Even when he is nervous he is better than before. Good Luck!

Marie said...

Yay Oreo! That great that you're going to be in the finals tomorrow! Congratulations! Zoe'll be in finals in both Standard and Jumpers too.

I totally agree, DOCNA Championships have more of the feel of how agility was when Zoe and I started 9 years ago in NADAC.

Dawn said...

WOW! You are both superstars!!!! Those were amazing runs! Bet you all sleep well tonight!

LauraK said...

AHHHH I'm SOO excited for you two! Best of luck to you tomorrow!

Priscilla said...

Oh wow!! Congrats again!!!
What a huge achievement for both you and Oreo :)))
We're all so happy for you!

AC said...

In a hurry or I'd give many more congrats!!!


*happy dance*
*happy dance*