Monday, September 6, 2010

lots of threes

After months and months trying, we finally pulled off a standard run Q yesterday. Given the fact that a jubillion people were walking in the adjacent games ring during our run, it was nothing short of miraculous.

Granted, we had to drop to level one, lower the bar to 8 inches, and mother nature gave us beautiful, chilly weather, but we did it!

In fact, we had a perfect day. Three runs, three q's and three runs over 3 YPS. Maybe we should play the pick 3 today!

We didn't break any of our personal records, but I felt Oreo ran consistently all day. He did some looking around, but given the size of the trial (BIG!), I thought he handled it beautifully.

I admit, I repositioned a couple ring crew chairs during the walk thrus, and I think it paid off. Some were really close to the start line and certain jumps, and simply had to be moved! Funny how people will sit wherever there is a chair.

Not one obstacle, not one, did Oreo opt out of. No off courses. Zero faults. Wow. If that isn't rock star material, I don't know what is.

Here are our three runs. I did my best videoing with my tripod & new wide angle lens. I have all the obstacles in view, but sometimes, people were simply standing in the way! You'll get the idea though. For all 3 runs, we start in the upper right hand corner. Which is Oreo's best starting place, since that is the gate we usually go in during class.

Oh yea, we got a title too! Our level one handler title. Yea Oreo! We'll add it to our level two handler title. Big thanks to the super nice judges this weekend.

Oh yeah, and there were 3 sheltie puppies at the trial! They moved too quick for me to get a good photo, but they were sooooooo cute!

Up next? DOCNA national championships!

And here is Oreo being a dog after the trial (and me doing poop duty!). Proving we're not letting our success go to our heads.


Sam said...

What an awesome job. Oreo looks more confident on those courses than I've ever seen. Sounds like moving back down to Level 1 was an awesome idea. He's having a blast!

Priscilla said...

Oreo was really rocking it off!
Well done to both of you.
You must be so proud of him :) He did so wonderfully!!!!
And all those ribbons are awesome :D :D :D

Cute sheltie pups!!

Diana said...

Beautiful runs!!! He was really moving in your standard run. It didnt look like you had to wait for him coming out of the tunnels, you were just running. Whoohooo! Congrats on your weekend. Diana

Dawn said...

Good job Oreo! See what moving those chairs will do? LOL! Nice runs! And fun too!

Watch out for cute puppies...they're a TRAP! Next thing you know you'll have a three dog household!

Rob said...

Well done Oreo, where do you put all those ribbona and awards you win? Tommy is really impressed by how fast you run and jump, he can't do jumping so he thinks its really amazing.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Awesome runs!! Way to go Oreo - look at him moving out there! That standard run was terrific - all 3 runs were actually! Oreo has gained a lot of confidence this summer. Congratulations!!!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Way to go OREO!!! Amazing stuff. :D
I wish I could see all the videos, but Mum on a pay as you go dongle and they take up loads of minutes hehehe!
Glad to be back and catching up anyways.
~lickies, Ludo

One Dog, One Camera said...

Awesome Job! He looked so good out there! Congratulations!

Marie said...

Congratulations on the great weekend! I loved to hear how you moved the chairs out of the way when you saw the need. Good for you!

We'll be leaving for DOCNA Championships here on the 23rd. Should be lots of fun!!!

Kathy said...

WAY TO GO YOU TWO!!! You are both rock stars!!! Oreo really looks like he likes when you just keep running...I thought the most wonderful part of that whole thing was that Oreo did not have just one good run, or one time he seemed to feel ok, he did not have two times but it looks like he handled the whole day really well, that is HUGE, what a good boy.

Just Bill said...

Sara, Congratulations to you and Oreo. 3 for 3 is great and a First level handler sounds good too.
You hard work this summer has certainly been rewarded.
Have a great school year. Bill

PS Loved the puppies.

Greg S said...

Wow a perfect day! Great job, you were both running and looking confident!

Noah said...

Great Job Oreo!

Jules said...