Thursday, September 2, 2010

birthday wishes for DAD....

Today is DAD's, at Dad's Tomato Gardening, 97th birthday! DAD has been posting a link to my blog for over a year now. He has become friends with not only me, but my mom and my aunt as well. He even sent my mom a HUGE box of tomatoes grown in his garden this summer.

Yesterday was his 2065th post. 2065 posts & 97 years of spreading smiles, kindness, and advice on growing tomatoes. Looks like that may be the secret to a good, long life people.

Misty is ready to dig into some birthday cake!

Well, how about some tomatoes instead? Yesterday, Oreo finally agreed (after a bit of force feeding) to try a fresh tomato from my garden. Guess what, he liked it! Only took 3 years to get him to not turn his nose up. Misty, my good child, will eat anything.

Here they are enjoying some freshly picked tomatoes:


Priscilla said...

Happy Birthday Dad!!

I love Misty and Oreo and their virtual bday hats!! Very cool!

Way to top it off with eating tomatoes!

Dawn said...

So cute how they don't steal each others treats! Such good dogs!

And Happy Birthday Dad! I'll go over there and wish him a happy one.

madcobug said...

I have to make a trip over to Dad's blog. I knew it was his B'day but Hadn't got down to his blog yet. Cute of the dogs eating tomatoes. Daisy will eat a little of them and helps Ken eat fresh peaches. Patches will smell of each of them and be on her way.

Kathy said...

wow, he not only ate the tomatoe I noticed he made sure to get that first small piece that dropped on the floor. Oreo's white looks so white! He is such a handsome guy!!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

It's cool that Misty and Oreo like tomatoes! I like lots of fruits and vegetables but tomatoes don't seem to agree with me.

BTW, Sara, yes, the frog is real and the picture was cropped but not photoshopped or anything.

betty said...

Amelia said that Oreo and Misty are great because they eat tomatoes. She said that she would eat your cherry tomatoes but not the ones in our house. Must be magic at your place.

Rob said...

I think we should teach the dogs to talk on the video's then we wouldn't have to. Better go and wish dad a happy birthday, thanks for the reminder.