Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tricky t-day ~ on hiatus

The dogs were not in the mood to play tricks yesterday afternoon. They were more inclined to do this:

and this,
and this,
and some of this,

Hopefully, I can get one more tricky t-day in before school starts next week. Then, I may have to take an extended break for the month of September as I readjust to real life. How on earth will I get out of the house by 8AM everyday? I rarely shower before 10 these days.

I saw this bird in the morning. Looked smaller than the hawks around here. Maybe a falcon? He flew away before I could snap a shot of its face. I was surprised to see such a big bird on a low branch.


Priscilla said...

Don't worry about it.
Sleeping is way more fun than doing tricks :) And way more relaxing.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

A hiatus seems like a great idea - you guys are so consistent with your tricky t-days that you definitely deserve a week off. I don't know if we will survive the entire month of September without one of your trick videos though! :)

Could that be a sharp-shinned hawk? They are similar looking to cooper's hawks but smaller? It has the striped tail feathers of both those hawks but it's hard for me to judge the size. Both are big bird feeder raiders grabbing up unsuspecting feeding birds.

Dawn said...

Rest away...that's what the last days of summer are for! The kids are waiting for you, so you had better conserve strength now!

Sara said...

I'll have to google sharp shinned hawks. I didn't even know there was more than one variety of hawks! LOL.

new hip dad said...

I think the most common variety in our area is the red tailed hawk which would lead you to think that there must be some that don't have red tails.

Rob said...

Oh no, not school! You certainly have some exciting mornings what with starting the day with a bear behind (the car) the other day and now a UFO! No wonder the dogs are worn out with all the excitement around your place. I bet they're looking forward to next week so they can get a lay in.

Sara said...

Ha! You're too funny!

Kathy said...

Everyone looks so relaxed and peaceful at your house! Looks like a nice morning ;-),glad you guys took full advantge and enjoyd it. that has to be such a shock to the system when you go back to school and have to get used to a whole new schedule after the summer! YIKES!! My husband is a teacher and has been back a few weeks now.

Diana said...

I have to be at work by 7am. Even though Im an early riser, its still an effort to get here. I need to work half days. LOL Enjoy your rest. Diana

LauraK said...

Rough life those dogs lead...looks like you've worn them out on your summer vacation! I think they might want you to go back to school so they can get back to sleeping all day :)

AC said...

Love sleeping dog pictures! That's the way to reign in Labor Day. Hope you're able to adjust to your school schedule quickly. It's got to be tough to change to a new routine.

Noah said...

You have received a new award (created by Miley) from me for your wonderful and enjoyable blogs. Thank you for sharing with us.