Sunday, August 8, 2010

training challenge #1

I'm not sure if this counts as a training challenge, but I'm going to make it work! Oreo and Misty got out of their element last week and met a new dog, something they're not used to doing, except at agility events.

I was a bit worried about how things would pan out. Maybe that made it more of a challenge for me than them.

Here goes:
Welcome to the Family!

I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of my family, Daisy! She's the one with the fur. Although, aren't all three equally cute?

Daisy, a Havanese rescue, is Misty & Oreo's new cousin. She will be living with my sister and nephews. Daisy is an absolute love bug! She loves to sit on laps and cuddle. 

All 3 dogs got to meet at my mom's house, and they coexisted nicely, averting eyes as necessary.
Everyone follow Jeff!

Oreo even gave Daisy his harness from when he was a puppy. It was just the right size. Can you believe Oreo used to be that little?  Daisy is 10 stinkin' cute pounds.

(this photo was taken soon after arrival, Oreo lost the deer in head lights look as time when on)

Maybe someday the three dogs will be friends. Right now, they'll tolerate each others' presence, by pretending one another doesn't exist. I guess that's all we can ask.

No one snarled at each other. Challenge met!

My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet. ~Edith Wharton


Diana said...

Diasy is very cute. Looks like the day was a success! Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Yes, that definitely qualifies as a challenge! I'm glad to see Oreo, Misty and Daisy were able to co-exist. Basically, that's what I do with my cousin Wilson. Hanging out with other dogs is challenging to me too (and mom feels lots like you do so it's a challenge for her too).

Your sister and nephews are going to love having Daisy! She's very cute!

Priscilla said...

Well done for your first training challenge!!
I'm so glad it was successful for both humans and dogs!
Hope Oreo, Misty and Daisy will become fast friends :)

Dawn said...

Didn't we do the same thing when we were kids? Tolerate each other by ignoring their existence? LOL!!

Daisy is perfect for the boys! A size they can handle and a love bug!

Glad it all went well. Probably all that agility training made Misty and Oreo at least open to not snarling at the newbie!

Bob said...

must explain about the shoe box. My new shoes cost more than I would normaly have paid and the box was nice and sterdy and dident want to throw it away. In the past I have put our food in a plastic bag and they get messed up in the car, the box keeps them safe. we did not dare take the box to the picnic table there were a lot of people there with lovely hampers and containers.
Your photo's of the dogs are realy good it makes me wish i had taken more of tippy now. Its still very hard to think about her. Have you seen my small tribute to her .well done with your first meeting. tip would have a sniff a wag of the tail and just take it all in.

Marie said...

Good for Oreo, Misty and for Daisy. Looks like they all met the challenge just fine. I bet they'll be good friends with a couple more visits. :-)

AC said...

Sounds like a good challenge to me! I think being able to co-exist is a good doggie social skill.

Daisy is a cutie!

katie said...

"Maybe that made it more of a challenge for me than them."
A very true statement for lots of us I think! I know for sure true of myself. What I had Maizey practice this week was as much for my assurance as for hers as she had no problems whatsoever.LOL

Kathy said...

Daisy is adorable, looks like all the dogs did a very good job on this weeks challenge! --Kathy

Lian said...

Daisy is so sweet. I am glad your challenge is a success! Well done!