Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Are the two churches in our town having a rivalry?

You've seen the one church's sign. Here is what was on the other's today! This could get interesting! Maybe we'll have "sign wars"!

Jeff! Turn the truck around!
This sign made me laugh, but I still like my drive by messages on the other sign. We do live in a drive thru world.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

We DO live in a drive-by world! We can't be bothered to go inside for the message - LOL! The other church wins! :)

AC said...

That is funny. Has a little sting to it. This will be the first church sign war I've ever seen! We'll have to stay tuned for the next move!

flask said...

oh, that's an oldie, right out of the "funny signs for churches" handbook.

i'm kind of sick of cute church signs; i'd rather they just ell me what time the service is and leave it at that.

churches with cute signs (and stale ones at that) are churches i avoid if i can help it.

Diana said...

LOL, funny. At least it gets peoples attention. Diana

Marie said...

Pretty funny. I love your sign posts. I see interesting signs, but I never have my camera with me. They always remind me of you though. LOL