Wednesday, August 4, 2010

more jump grids

As promised, here is a video of the last jump grid exercise. It involves 3 jumps, butterflied. They are about 3 feet apart in the middle, a bit further at the outer edges. We did them in both directions. After doing these exercises and watching the videos, I feel like Oreo is a very efficient jumper, and seems like he knows what he's doing. Funny, because it is all natural! We never worked on any specific skills.

And Misty, well, she is efficient at avoiding overexertion.

We have joined Ricky, and some other blogging friends in a training challenge, and have agreed to participate at least until I go back to school.

Problem? We have soooooo many challenges, I'm having a hard time choosing. Plus, we are continuing with our RP work, which is a challege in itself.

Come back on Sunday, when I will give an official training challege report.


Priscilla said...

We might be interested in doing the relaxation protocol for Eva too but don't know where to start. Any suggestions? Thanks.

And Misty is the sweetest girl ever! She knows that while Oreo does all the hard work, she can do little and still gets treats!! Well, that's what Laura did anyway! She got treats just for being there :)

Sara said...

Here is a link to all the information about it:

I always have oreo sit on his "mat" during the exercises. This really lets him know that "oh yea, we're doing this relaxing thing now." You could use a towel or a blanket.

If it is easier for you to listen to the tasks, rather than read them off a piece of paper, hear is a link to some mp3 versions:

It only takes us about 5-7 minutes a day. Might be harder for Eva, because she is still quite young.

We've done 17 sessions now, and Oreo really seems to like settling and relaxing for those 5 minutes.

Priscilla said...

Thanks for the info :) I'll give it a read!

Dawn said...

Oreo has no problem knowing where his back feet are that's for sure. Misty has no trouble looking for that treat! No sense jumping two if one will do! :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oreo does look efficient in that jump grid! We never did any specific jump training either.

Glad you are going to do the challenge! I agree that it is hard to decide what to do but we try to pick something that mom dreads working on with me. Like walking where she knows I might lose my mind over the cars or dragging agility equipment somewhere or even going to someone's house and training. Anything that needs to be worked on that gets us out of our routine.

Kathy said...

It looks great. Oreo is doing a fantastic job.

Diana said...

I like Misty's way the best. LOL much less effort or chance of getting hurt. very cute. Diana

AC said...

I found myself laughing progressively harder as the video went on =() Oreo was on fire there in the beginning. Misty was just too darn cute during her first try. Then came the sibling squish and cris-cross. Loved it!!