Monday, August 16, 2010

I've figured it out!

I've figured out why America is going broke! Laziness!

Today, I was buying a jar of pickles. The bar code on the label was ripped, including the numbers.

Oh, what to do, what to do, the barely legal clerk and manager hemmed and hawed. Obviously, these two never lived in the days before the beep, beep, beep laser scanner movement of the grocery world.

No barcode! Might as well throw the jar of pickles away. They clearly don't exist.

"Do you know how much they cost?" the manager asks me.


More empty space. The clerk and manager exchange nervous glances. How will they solve this tragic problem?

Finally, a solution!

The manager speaks! "Hmmmm. I think $1.49 sounds like a good price. Yep. $1.49 it is."

And that is what I paid.

Why? Because they were too darn lazy to walk two aisles over to get another jar.

I know for a fact that my pickles cost more that $1.49 (I'm picky about my pickles and only buy the refrigerated kind), but I wasn't going to argue.

Funny thing is, the same thing happened a few weeks ago with a bottle of salad dressing. That time, I offered to go get another bottle. And no, the bagger didn't stop me, and say, "No, that's ok, I'll get it for you." Dumb move on my part! I should have let them call a manager and had a magic price pulled out of the sky instead!

Then, the show went on...."How do I enter that without a bar code?"


Diana said...

LOL. Thats like the time my husband got a suit for $69.00 We kept telling them that wasnt right but finally my husband just got mad and left it alone. We felt like we were stealing but we tried and tried to give them the correct price. LOL To bad they dont misprice cars. Diana

Sara said...

LOL. I'm just glad these people work in retail, not in a hospital.

Rob said...

Hi Sara, that sounds about right. You could have stumbled on to a good thing there though if you think about it!!

Sara said...

Oh yea, their laziness definitely saved me some money!

For a moment, I did think, "hmmm, maybe I should look for items with snudged bar codes from now on. Might be simplier than clipping coupons."

Sam said...

I've never had that happen to me, but I have no doubt that it must happen all the time. The store clerks probably couldn't care less about the finances of the store in most cases (especially the younger people - and I AM young so I'm allowed to say that!), so why not save themselves a trip to go find the real price?

Kathy said...

that is funny I have had them do that a lot, ask me how much something is...and I have had them put down some ridiculous price sometimes when no one wants to go and check....LOL, it is pretty funny especially when it is not that far, although I would be irritated if I was behind someone when they had to go look for something ;-).

new hip dad said...

in sea isle I went to the acme. bill came to 15.17. I gave the clerk a 20 and he entered it when I realized I had a quarter in my pocket. So I gave him the quarter and (to save him the embarassment) I said just give me a $5 and you can keep the 8 cents. a look of bewilderment came over him. the register said one thing and I was saying another. finally, he gives me the $5.00 and says, "I'm not good at math." no kidding, you're not even good at arithmetic.

Dawn said...

LOL! The grocery clerks ask me all the time what some of the produce items are...much less what they cost! Laziness is everywhere. It's the librarian who points in a vague direction when a patron asks where something is rather than get up and show them, it's the gas station attendant who would rather make everyone walk up to the booth rather than get off the chair and put receipt tape in the gas pump. And the dog owner who can't get off the sofa to train their dog.

Sara said...

One of my students is a grocery clerk. He is so proud of the fact that he knows every produce code by heart! He recites them to me. It is hysterical.

Unfortunately, he doesn't work at the store where I shop.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I just thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's comments!

It's totally amazing that people are so lazy! Amen to everything Dawn said!

Priscilla said...

Just read everyone's comments too!!!!
In Malaysia, people do get up from their chairs to find the product for you, most of the time, also if you have a barcode missing, they'll ask one of their friends who are around making the supermarket look neat check for them so I've never had a magic price :(

Sara said...

See, that's why everything is being outsourced to other countries! People actually move & help each other out.