Friday, August 6, 2010

I video everything

You know you video your dog's entire life when you have a video of this:

Upon further email exchange with the CPE trial secretary, I have demoted Oreo even further! Do you think the other dogs will make fun of him?

Next weekend we will be running level 1 enthusiast. This means, Oreo will jump 8 inches, on easy courses teeter or weaves. The secretary told me I have until Monday to change my mind, but I think it is a good decision. Clearly, Oreo is stressed in the ring if he is going around obstacles. Hopefully, both of us will be less stressed with the easier courses & jump heights, and we can go out there and run fast.

We never even did level 1 to begin with. Overachiever me started us at level 2.

I can always move us back up to where we left off in regular. However, I'm going to try this and see if it makes a difference in Oreo's YPS numbers and overall confidence at the big CPE trials.

I know this may raise some eyebrows, and people may think I'm crazy, moving my dog from level 4 in colors to level 1. The fact that we made it to level 4 proves Oreo knows how to run some tough courses, but now we need to work on other stuff, which is more important in the long run.


Diana said...

I think moving down is the right thing to do to work on the stuff that you feel is important. I dont think anyone will raise an eyebrow. But you should expect people to ask you questions about it. lOL Good luck! Diana

P.S. I have video of Miley trying to get the curser on my computer screen.

Dawn said...

Only the mama knows what's best for her furkids. Too often dog parents push their dogs through to meet their own goals rather than doing what's right for the dogs. I think you are doing the right thing!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I think Oreo is looking at you and wondering why you don't just get the bug for him!

We admire your decision to move Oreo down to level 1. I would be happy doing novice courses in AKC but mom can't make herself forget about trying to get titles and about running the challenging courses. We think you are awesome!

Sara said...

You are doing great in the upper classes! I think you get better and better at each trial!

Moving backward isn't right for every dog, but thanks for supporting us!

Kathy said...

I think anyone who really understands dog training is not going to raise an eye brow and people that are trying to train their dogs and not work on their ego will totally admire what you are trying!!! Like you said it is not right for each dog, and in AKC you cant go back if you have ever Qd in the next level that is not always an option, but it is fantastic that is an option in this case.
Hey, nothing wrong with enjoying you dogs successes and moving ahead as fast as you can but I admire your putting your training goals first. You are such an excellent trainer and I admire how you always keep the big picture goal in mind and dont get distracted by the smaller every day goals.

AC said...

I can't wait to hear how everything goes in the easier levels. It's so hard to know the best thing to do, but I feel like everything (that's not obviously going to be bad) is worth a try. It may be just what the Oreo needs!

Your video was great!! I've recruited Kona as the house's official fly swatter. I wish I could get it on video. She gets really excited about trying to catch those flies. I often think, "If only I could get her to be so enthusiastic about working with me."

Priscilla said...

I think that's a great decision and we'll always be behind you on whatever you decide :)
Good luck for Oreo's lvl 1 and hope it destresses him!!

Sam said...

I really, really hope that your decision to move down makes a difference for Oreo. I think it will. It you can build a solid foundation in Level 1, you're sure to create a superstar that can not only handle the tough courses, but run them with confidence. Fingers crossed over here for you guys!

Bob said...

I think its important to build up confidence so I think its a good move and don't worry, I'm sure Oreo won't be offended.

Nicki said...

That was a super intense video.

You have to do what is right for your dog. That's what is great about all different venues and classes and levels. There is always something that will help you with an issue you are having.