Sunday, August 15, 2010

enthusiasm for enthusiast!

Overall, I'd say our first try at level one enthusiast was a success. Plus, there were no chutes in sight! Whew.

I always gauge Oreo's confidence level by our yards per second numbers.

Our first run, jumpers, he ran 3.85 YPS. That was just .05 lower than his highest lifetime YPS in any ever.

His standard run, even though we had 35 faults, he ran 3.54 YPS. That was his highest YPS in a standard run EVER! Wow. That's a number to remember. Too bad I think we may never q a standard run again.

Our last run, Wildcard, we ran a bit slower. The run snuck up on us. Unbeknownest to me, they moved the class up. I was hanging out with Oreo talking with people after our standard run, when I hear "Wildcard 1/2 is walking!" Well, I had to RUN to the car with Oreo, grab a crate so I had a place to put him, because I didn't want to have to keep running back and forth to the car. I had parked practically out with the cows, so the dogs would have a quiet place to nap. Then, we RAN back to the ring, carrying crate/tripod/treats/kitchen sink, so I could walk it at least once. Not a real stress free experience!

Still, Oreo ran 3.10 YPS. Any time it starts with a 3.somethin' makes me happy, especially given the crazy circumstances.

I hung around for another hour or so, and then scratched our final standard run. They were running a bit behind, and holding standard 2/3 until the games ring was done with wildcard 4/5/C. I knew it could be over an hour and a half wait. I didn't think it was fair to Oreo. He was tired.

Bummer, because I think the second round course was more suited for him. Oh well, next time.

So, we got 2 Q's for our games runs. That means 40 points! Only 960 to go to earn our plaque! LOL.

I set up a tripod for our games runs. You can barely see the tunnel in the left hand corner.

In jumpers, Oreo stopped at the entrance to the tunnel to check out the standard ring, but only for a second. Then, he slipped inside the tunnel. The ground was wet from some morning fog/dew.

This is our best run of the day. People were actually complaining that the course was too easy! Well, maybe it was, but I'm still really, really proud of this run.

In standard, we got off to a great start. Then, Oreo went around one jump when he saw the judge, in big floppy hat, looming. The last obstacle was a tunnel. Stupid me, sent him in wrong end of the tunnel. I had no idea I made the mistake, until someone told me. I even walked it the wrong way. No recollection of seeing a cone on that end of the tunnel.

Here is the video. Obviously, the videographer had some technical difficulties. Apparently, she didn't push the big red button until after our run :) I really appreciate her trying though!

Here is our wildcard run. I chose the A-Frame as our "hard" obstacle. Risky move, doing the first one right off the bat. Oreo never lets me down though. After the A-Frame, Oreo saw the judge (she's off the screen), and I could see him doing sideways glances. I kept cheering him, and he made it into the tunnel, right next to the judge, then we made it home clear. Only 10 obstacles, but we accomplished a lot.

For all 3 runs, I took the advice I got in camp, and waited until the last possible second to bring Oreo in the ring. I didn't even bring him real close to the ring until we were "on deck". I think it was good for him, and he was able to focus on me a bit easier. Although we heard our name screamed out a lot, "Is Oreo here?" "Oreo you're up in 3 dogs!" Blah, blah! I just kept waving my arm to let them know I was around.

I'm really looking forward to our nice, laid back DOCNA trial coming up next. I should be able to get some better videos there. Only one ring, so people won't be running around like chickens with their heads cut off.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

WooHoo Oreo!! Fast runs! It looks like he loved level 1 courses! Good job you guys!

LOL on the standard video! I had a similar one of the inside of my grandma's coat pocket when she forgot to press the red button until after my run - but I spared you from having to watch it - LOL!!!

Rob said...

Hi Sara, it sounds like you all had loads of fun and I think Oreo did well. As always it was nice to see it all on video. By the way Tommy just did 4.00 YPS down the stairs and out the front door when he heard your voice on the video!!!

Priscilla said...

Whoopie to Oreo for his totally AWESOME runs and Q's!!!!!!!!! We're so proud of you :)

Diana said...

Wow Sara Oreo was really moving in that jumpers run!! I laughed my head off on the non-taped run. LOL , we all have taped runs like that.
The only thing I wanted to ask you is, do you practice like you trial. And what I mean is, when you practice do you drop Oreo and just start running? Also at the end of your runs in practice do you always pick him up? The only reason I ask is because it may make him think something is wrong and he should be worried. Maybe you do, I didnt know. Just a thought and it may not help either. Great runs, we are sooooo happy for you guys!!! Love the corn fields in the background. Diana

Sara said...

No Diana, I don't do that in practice. Good point. I'll start incorporating that into our training.

Thanks for pointing that out.

andrea said...

sounds like a good day ;)

(reading back a post - thea has off adn on chute issues I haven't scientifically investigated but I suspect I'd have similar findings- DOH)

Dawn said...

You had a great day! I enjoyed the upside down standard run video..made me laugh, and I didn't even have the sound on!

Oreo did great! He's fun to watch. I bet he feels pretty good about himself too! As he should. And you too.

Kathy said...

FANTASTIC!!! I was thinking of you both today and hoping it was all going well and it sure looks like a FANTASTIC day adn good for you not letting them rush you getting up to the line, that can be intimidating when they keep yelling for you... Oreo really looked soooooo good and sounds like he was moving, good job both of you and look at that bounty you brought home!!!

Marie said...

Congratulations! It sounds like you made a really good choice in what you decided to run with Oreo this weekend. I'm glad it was such a success!

Jules said...

Yay! I am glad it was such a success.

Nicki said...

Great job, sounds like some good yps! Funny how this makes us such serious number crunchers!