Monday, August 30, 2010

docna trial

Our day started with a bear sighting! Yes, a real live, big, black bear!

I was driving to the trial, and see the bear's head pop up in the ditch line. I wake up Oreo, and say, "Look, holy sH*%!! There's a bear!" I checked my rear view mirror, and saw the bear crossing the road. Luckily, no cars were going by.

Wow. What an experience. I knew there were bears living nearby, but I've only seen footprints, not the real thing.

No, I didn't stop for photos. I'd like to continue to think of bears as soft, sweet, furry creatures, that make me go, "awwwww".

Onto the trial. Our first run was the qualifier for 2011 nationals. The course was tough! It started with a tunnel/dogwalk discrimination, and got tougher from there. I regretted signing us up for it the minute I saw the map. Click here to see the agony. I think only 2-3 dogs qualified.
But, it was a small trial, low humidity, let's try it! Well, Oreo blew by the dogwalk, I brought him back, and he took the tunnel. Saw the judge, ring crew, and was visibly stressed out! I decided to forget the god awful course, and head on out.

Ugh. I felt horrible. I thought maybe we should stop doing trials altogether.

So, up next another standard course. A bit easier and shorter. We get in the ring, do a jump, get on the teeter, when I hear the timer saying, "STOP, STOP!" I figured the timer eyes hadn't worked, I looked over, held up my hands, and said, "NO, please don't make me stop." I didn't wait for an answer and kept going. But, it messed with my head a bit.

Oreo ran beautifully, despite missing the discrimination again. He was much more comfortable, despite my lack of focus.

Here are those two runs. I set my tripod up for the standard...sorry about the yellow tape across the view, and you can't see the tunnel under the dogwalk or the first jump. I ordered a wide angle lens for my camcorder, so next time, I should be able to get everything in.

Then, a long wait for jumpers. It was sunny, 86 degrees, and about 3:00 in the afternoon when we did our jumpers run. Oreo was zonked.
I didn't now what to expect, but I never scratch jumpers, because they're always Oreo's best runs. No scary judge looming over us!

Well, Oreo rocked it! At one point, he was running faster than me, and I had to really get moving to catch up. We came in first, q'ed and got our intern jumpers title. 3.83 YPS, not too shabby for a run at the end of a warm day.

I'm so proud of my boy!

Dawn asked how our new harness worked out. It was super easy getting off in the ring, just as I had hoped.

Best part, no hacking if Oreo pulled on the leash.

For this harness, you measure around the dog's body, just behind its front armpits. Click here, then click on the sizing tab under the photo for more info. I just noticed they are having FREE shipping. HELLO! Got to order one for Misty today!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

WooHoo - awesome jumpers run and congratulations on the title!! Oreo was really running - amazing after such a long wait and in the heat! He did great!

Jump to dogwalk is a very popular opening to std courses these days - both my std courses last week started with that combo. Always makes my DW slower than it should be and I can totally see going right past it - I don't blame Oreo for doing that at all. Good job running him out of the ring when he seemed stressed - he bounced back and had a good trial!

Seeing the bear was very cool!

Diana said...

Wow, that first course was really hard. What a great jumpers run. Its always nice to end on a positive note. Congrats! Diana

Dawn said...

I think it's cool that you always keep Oreo's best interest in mind v.s. what the judges and ring crew want to do. He's doing great!!

THanks for the info on the harness. I'll go try to measure the Katie-girl. Wish me luck.

Bear sighting was very neat!

Priscilla said...

Congrats on your beautifully run jumpers course. It was extra-smooth!!
You should be proud of him. He did great!

Oh my! Must have been awesome seeing a bear.
I think of bears as winnie the pooh who love honey :P LOL

new hip dad said...

I guess I made the right choice in not waiting around. It was a fun day anyway. dog people are the best.

Marie said...

Congrats on the new title and on a really nice Jumpers run! Jumpers has always been Zoe's favorite too. :-)

LauraK said...

I love that... "Click here to see the agony.." It made me laugh. Lots of tough serpentines and jump sequences!

I'm glad you two had a good trial though- he was smokin' through that jumpers run!

My trainer sells those comfort flex harnesses- they look really nice. I've honestly never put a harness on any of my dogs, but maybe sometime I'll have to try one out- they look really convenient, people are always just ripping them off lol!

Rob said...

Well done Oreo, I don't know how you manage to find your way around all those jumps and things.

Noah said...

Congrats Oreo. Fantastic job.

Kathy said...

AWESOME, and what great decisions you made to cut the first run short and end on a good note ;-), ignore them telling you to come back, because it looked like Oreo was moving well, it even looked like those were some nice weaves, I would not have went back either....and WOW HE ROCKED THAT LAST RUN. WHAT A VICTORY!!!! That was a FANTASTIC RUN!!! You guys are such an awesome team, HUGE CONGRATS!!!!

Nicki said...

Great job. I have soooo had those days that start out with "why do I even bother" runs. Way to stick it out!

Helen said...

Your Orea reminds me so much of my Gryffon in some photos. Gryffon was my first bi-black.

Helen said...

Check my new profile pic out; it's a shot of my Gryffon

Sara said...

Wow Helen! Gryffon and Oreo look like they could have been twins. Amazing.

Helen said...

LOVED Oreo's Jumpers run and your music choice. Beckett is in his first fun trial this weekend. He still doesn't weave (but have the channel weaves down pretty close to straight). Anyways he's only 14 1/2 months so we still have plenty of time.