Saturday, August 28, 2010

crossing paws for Mika

Our friend, Mika, is having surgery today. Given the time difference, it may have already happened.

I tried to get Oreo to do his favorite trick, cross his paws, just for Mika! Well, you'll see how that goes.

We're thinking of Mika and your family today.


Priscilla said...

Oh wow!!
Clever Oreo!
Thanks for your good wishes :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Ok, how about crawl and scoot back for Mika!! Everybody now!

Seriously though that was very sweet and cute and we definitely join you in crossing our paws/fingers for Mika!

One Dog, One Camera said...

Very cute! Finger, toes and paws crossed! I hope all goes well!

Kathy said...

good job Oreo, and hope Mika is doing ok.

Marie said...

At first I thought Oreo just looked like he was too concerned about Mika to do cross paws, but he pulled it off with style in the end.

With those kinds of of positive thoughts going Mika's way, I think the surgery is bound to be a success.