Friday, August 27, 2010

all the way from....

...Malaysia. The letter carrier arrived yesterday with "something special from Malaya....somewhere". I signed for it and look what we found inside our package:

Goodies from Priscilla, Rosie, & Princess Eva. A photo of Eva on the beach, a beautiful, blue floral bracelet for me and two bandanas for Oreo & Misty.

I must say these bandanas are like none I have ever seen before. Look how beautiful!
Oreo is used to wearing a bandana (I spray DAP on them), so he was quite the good sport about modeling the various ways to wear his new one! Look how versatile!
Aunt Jemima
bank robber
Bunny Rabbit
Russian Babushka

And here is Misty:

wealthy socialite

hair in rollers lady

pool side coverup

And here is my beautiful bracelet:
Thank you so much, our dear friends! What a treat getting a package from the other side of the world.

"The other side of the world Mom? But it seems like they're so close."

Yes Oreo, it is funny how you can become such good friends with people even when you've never met them in person and they live very far away.


Priscilla said...

Hi Sara,

We were so worried you hadn't received the package and we're so glad you did!!!

Happy to see that Oreo and Misty like their bandannas. They're handmade batik.

And I do love the poses and captions to go with them!! What awesome dress-up ways! Misty really suites the blue one. She looks like a beauty queen there! Oreo looks like Robin Hood :) LOL

Sara said...

The designs on the bandanas are so beautiful. A lot of work went into making them.

Yes, my local post office tends to be a bit slow, but it got here!

Thanks again!

Diana said...

I love the bandana pictures. So cute! Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

It is totally fun to get surprises like that in the mail and Priscilla, Rosie and Eva are so generous and kind and wonderful friends!

I love your bandanna photos - very very cute and very cooperative Shelties (mom is giving me a nasty look that says why can't I be more like Oreo and Misty - LOL!)

Dawn said...

Lovely! They look FABULOUS!

new hip dad said...

did I miss someone's birthday?

Sara said...

Nope, no one's birthday, just thoughtful people.

LauraK said...

How cool is that?! Your dogs are such great models-Misty looks absolutely thrilled about the whole thing, especially the pool-side cover up. Her face is too funny!

betty said...

Friendships are wonderful. They feed our spirits. Distance fades.
Oreo and Misty are ready for a festival wearing their batik scarves. Your photos are priceless. Thanks for sharing these great smiles with us.

betty said...

I feel good. I finally figured out how to send you a comment. Hug and Aloha.

Kathy said...

Wow, that is so neat, and the bandannas are sooo pretty, then there are those gorgeous models modeling them, LOL.

Nicki said...

I love that last photo of Oreo