Saturday, August 21, 2010

7 things

Nikki over at Borderblog gave us this award!
She requested that I write 7 things about myself & 7 things about my dogs. Here you have it! Whether you wanted to know or not!

7 things you probably don't know about me:

1. I often say "I don't know" in Russian, instead of English. It seems more natural for some reason. (I took Russian for 7 years.)

2. I once had half my head shaved.

3. My first pet was a chameleon. He died. Mom sent dad to the pet store to replace it before I found out. My chameleon had been a skinny little thing. Dad brought home a fat one, with half a tail. I wasn't fooled.

4. I almost always use the computer standing up at the kitchen counter. Drives Jeff crazy ("why do we have a laptop, if you're going to stand at the kitchen counter all the time?")

5. I'm a reality TV junkie. I've watched every season (all 11) of Big Brother.

6. I can back into my garage, but I can't back out of my garage.

7. I always leave my doggie bag behind on the table at the restaurant.

7 things about my dogs:

1. Misty scratches the floor/tv stand when the garage door goes up/down.

2. Misty hates our movie room, even when the TV is off, she won't stay in the room for very long.

3. We give Oreo toys to put in his mouth to shut him up. Kind of like a pacifier, but he shakes it like a rattle.

4. The dogs will not let Jeff sleep past 7:20AM. Misty will plow through the bedroomdoor like a tank.

5. Misty makes a lot of grunting/sighing/moaning noises when she lays down. Drama queen.

6. Misty would rather be outside than with me. Oreo is always in the same room as me.

7. Oreo's favorite game is "you can't catch me". And, he's right. I can't.

I know a lot of other people already have this assignment, but if anyone else wants to join in, feel free to take the award and play along!


Diana said...

Ok, now you have to tell us why half your head was shaved. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Good list of stuff! Mom had 2 chameleons when she was a kid. The pet store said they would eat meal worms but they wouldn't touch them. She had to go outside and catch live flies - she lived in NE Ohio and eventually it gets too cold for flies so you can guess what happened to the chameleons. I'm glad I get kibble!

Nicki said...

We make Zodiac hold a toy too, otherwise he barks the whole time Legend is playing ball in the house while he tries to herd her. Unfortunately it only muffles the sounds, but it helps.

Sara said...

It was the 80's. Assymetrical haircuts were the thing, if you were into the punk rock/skater look. The hair stylist took it to the extreme.

Ricky, My chameleon would only eat live crickets. Our pet store sold live crickets.

AC said...

I had a chameleon as my first pet too! He actually lived for a long time, but I fried him one day when I left his cage in the sun. Still feel bad about it...

I think we need a picture of Punk Sara!!

Priscilla said...

LOVED the reverse video in the previous post! I'm glad I don't have to see the doctor because I couldn't stop laughing from the beginning!!! Imagine if you COULD do that!

I wonder what the waitresses would think if you accidentally left poo in your doggie bag lol!

Rob said...

The last picture is a great one of Oreo Sara. Our neighour when we lived in Scotland had to replace Fallon's gold fish because it died when he was looking after it for us while we were away. I think he must have made a better job of it than your dad though as she never knew. I just posted the video of Tommy getting dry cleaned.

LauraK said...

Those are great facts- so much fun to read random things about my blogger friends and their puppies!

new hip dad said...

and by the way (not that I am prejudiced) but she looked great with half her head shaved.

Honey the Great Dane said...

I can't believe you once shaved off half your head!! :-)

That's very sad about your pet chameleon...but I did have to giggle about what you said about backing out of the garage!

Hmm...I generally hate reality TV shows! Good thing we don't live in the same house otherwise we'd be fighting over the remote! Having said that, I hardly ever watch TV - much rather read instead - so I probably wouldn't bother you anyway! :-)