Wednesday, July 28, 2010

wordless wednesday...ok, I have to say something!





I found this treasure on the ground in the dog garden. Hope the birds were done with the nest. Makes me too sad to think otherwise.

Notice how soft mama bird made the inside! I wanted to touch it so bad, but felt like I was invading sacred ground. Eventually, I gave in, and touched the cottony, velvet inside. Amazing.

A work of art, if I ever saw one. Almost magical.


Sam said...

I hope they were done with the nest, too - though even if they weren't, I'd much prefer finding a nest on the ground than I would a tiny baby bird! That really breaks my heart at this time of year.

Wish I could reach through the screen and touch the nest, too - looks like it'd be a comfortable place to live, well, if I was bird-sized.

Priscilla said...

It really is a piece of art made by momma bird. Can't imagine how soft it is inside! Must be cozy for lucky chick.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Very cool! That is the most comfy nest I have ever seen (and the most well-built)!

Diana said...

oooooh, very neat. Looks like a training toy to me. LOL Diana

madcobug said...

Most mama's make their little one's place so comfy. It's amazing what animals and fowl can do without any hands to use, just using the knowledge that was given to them to know what to do. Helen

Kathy said...

Amazing how amazing animals/birds/fish can be

AC said...

Absolutely a work of art.

I have a couple pregnant friends so the "nesting" term seems to pop up a lot. I like to see the protective and nurturing instinct shared across animal species. Neat stuff.

Dawn said...

Very beautiful, truly is a work of art!

Brittany said...

How beautiful! I hope they were done with it too.