Tuesday, July 6, 2010

tricky t-day ~ Oreo's choice

I decided to wait a week before showing you our new trick, but you'll get a sneak peek in this video.

Today, I decided to let it be Oreo's choice! Oreo's not always real good at following directions. Instead he offers me every trick he knows, rather than listen to what I'm telling him to do. It always gets me laughing. We would fail miserably at obedience, both of us. I'm not real good at following orders either!

Here's a hodge podge of Oreo's favorite tricks.


Something is wrong with my comments....I am able to read them through my email, but they aren't posting on blogger. Grrrrrr.


Diana said...

LOL, very good. I love the prayers one! Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

That is so cute - I love it!!! Ricky offers me tons of stuff too (usually to avoid having to try the new trick!) and he often doesn't wait to hear what I ask since he is convinced he already knows! I LOVE your new trick (from the sneak peak) and when you post it next week, you gotta tell me how you taught it. Ricky always goes back into a down and then crawls backwards.

Thanks for a great start to my morning!


Sara said...

testing comments

Priscilla said...

He's such a clever boy! Love those tricks :)

Kathy said...

Oreo is just so talented!!! What a good boy! Glad I am not the only one with problems with comments posting, weird.

AC said...

I'm with Diana. Prayers was my favorite! Oreo is so good at working those tricks. I loved your question marks. Kona and I have our share of those moments.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh - so cute!! Love it when they offer stuff by themselves. Honey will also often start running through her repertoire if I take some treats out but don't give her a specific command - although she usually does her newest trick again and again - the newest one always seems to be her favourite! I agree with everyone else - the Prayers trick is just so adorable and Oreo does it so well.

By the way, you may have posted about this before - I'm afraid I can't remember! - but how did you teach the "criss-cross"? I've been trying to teach Honey to cross her paws for ages and I just seem to be getting nowhere!


Sara said...

Oreo knows how to target with his foot. So, if I remember correctly, as asked for his paw, put it in my hand then had him him a targter (plastic lid) that was positioned over his other foot. Eventually I put the lid on the ground.

The criss.. where he does the other foot, he pretty much taught himself out of frustration when I didn't reward him for "Cross".

This is one of the first tricks I taught him, and it is always his default trick, especially when he's annoyed with me! LOL. I swear he thinks he is sooo much smarter than me.