Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tricky t-day ~ loop

Well, this double dog trick may not be as entertaining as last week's video, but boy, have I put A LOT of time into it! Months.

Of course, Oreo learned in about two seconds. Misty is still a work in progress. Put the two dogs together, and you have chaos, sibling rivalry, snapping, temper tantrums, you name it. Somehow, maybe it was the cool weather, we were able to get our act together and pull it off, without anyone biting each other's ear off!


Oreo gets quite frustrated with how SLOW Misty goes, but he was quite tolerant when we shot this. Maybe Oreo wanted to make sure he got on camera this week after the spotlight was stolen by Misty last week?

Now, I want to try a double dog figure 8. Wish me luck. Maybe by Christmas.

Now, Friendly's restuarant, one of my favorite places to get a greasy grilled orange cheese sandwich, is doing it's own tricks lately. AOL keeps showing advertisements for their new burgers. Each time, I see one, my jaw drops.

Here is Friendly's bacon burger on a soft pretzel. I can see how that might be kinda tasty.

But this one, in between my favorite grilled orange cheese sandwiches, I just don't understand.


Kathy said...

whoo hooo double dog tricks are so cool. Poor Oreo having to wait for his sister, LOL, he just wanted to move fast...after all he is an agility super star dog, and everyone knows they move fast!
Those burgers all look like they would break the old calorie and fat meters, can you imagine what the numbers on that would be?

Dawn said...

yep I was dizzy by the time 40 seconds went by! I think they did great! double dog good in fact...which is not what I'd say about those sandwiches..those are a heart attack in waiting!

Priscilla said...

I think that was a pretty awesome trick! Oreo and Misty make a good team even though there may be chaos, snapping, and tantrums!
Yummy yummy! We're already drooling for a Friendly's bacon burger!

Diana said...

Very nice trick!!

That last burger looks like a heart attack on a plate. Man that must be at least 1000 calories. LOL But it sure looks good!! Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I love Oreo and Misty's loop trick and can't wait to see it turn into a double figure 8! Good job you guys!

As for the Friendly's sandwiches - mom says they look gross! (She used to like their french fries - in high school she and her friends always went there after football games). I don't think Friendly's exist around here any more.

LauraK said...

Wow! That is impressive- I'm really excited to see the double dog figure eight! Yay for Misty! And Oreo, you need to be more patient with your sister!

That hamburger inbetween the grilled cheese sandwiches just looks like a heart attack on a plate to me. How could anyone eat so much?

Sam said...

That is a REALLY cool trick! And Kudos to Oreo for slowing down for his sister!

I've had nothing but bad experiences at Friendly's - I try so hard to like it, but no matter what, they ALWAYS screw up my order - that pretzel cheeseburger does look really good, though. The other one, not so much..

new hip dad said...

I think friendly is watching too many episodes of man versus food.

love the pointed toes.

got a thank you note from amber. let's all contribute to fight cancer.

Honey the Great Dane said...

OOh - that is a COOL trick!! I've never seen a version like this with 2 dogs before - very original! And great choice of music!

I can't imagine how you get such 2 different dogs like Misty & Oreo working together...!