Sunday, July 18, 2010

smart phone nonsense

Thanks for putting up with my phone blogging antics the past two days!

Have smart phone, will blog on the go!

There is just so much material out there!

As you could see we spent Saturday night at the local ballpark, watching our team lose miserably. AGAIN. Oh well. I go for the beer and entertainment value. Where else can you see a t-shirt being shot out of a potato gun?
And people spilling the entire contents of their just poured beer in an effort to catch said t-shirt? Hysterical. I mean, the woman was still standing at the concession stand!

We were complaining about the fact that they no longer do the frozen t-shirt contest anymore. Now, that was funny. Have you ever tried to put on a t-shirt that just came out of the freezer?

Many people fled the game early due to a few raindrops, and a fabulous lightning storm that went on around the park. Wimps! Somehow there was a clear ring around the park.
Oh, and you were all right by the way. The mascot was a cat. The team is called the Valley Cats! I'm impressed that I got at least two people, or was it one person and one dog, willing to dress up as Uncle Sam! That's a big deal around here. I live near the home of Uncle Sam. Yes, he was a real person, he's buried here too! So, he is at every game, and appears in the Flag Day parade, which is the biggest Flag Day Parade in America. Yet, I've never been to it! What's up with that hip Dad?

On Sunday, we went to see a model remote control jet show. This was Jeff's territory. They were pretty cool, very fast, and looked so real!

It reminded me of an agility trial. People brought tons of gear, lots of ez-ups tents, had to pay an entry fee to fly their plane. An agility trial for r/c plane buffs.

This guy even had a golf cart for his plane!

I saw a golf cart being used at our last trial by someone to get back and forth from their rv to the ring! See the correlation?

After the show, we went to my mom's to visit with my aunt & uncle who were visiting.

The dogs were home alone for the whole day! First time since I've been off from work.

I think they needed the day of rest. Oreo was so amped up to play ball when I got home. He had more fun than I've seen him have in a long time. Clearly, the dog needs scheduled nap time. He'll never admit it though.

I promise, I'll be back to dog stuff tomorrow. Unless I see something.....


Ricky the Sheltie said...

It was fun putting up with your smart phone nonsense! Sounds (and looks) like you had a fun weekend! Your recap made for very entertaining reading!

(Don't tell anyone but I think scheduled nap time is a great idea!)

Kathy said...

I wish I had a smart phone, mine is a little on the slow side....LOL. I think I would like a scheduled nap time for myself. My dogs are not big on the idea of enforced naps but they nap the whole middle of the day, they just dont want no one telling them to do it.

Rob said...

It seems golf buggies are not confined to the golf course. I read somewhere how one guy uses a golf buggie for local trips to the shop and such places.