Saturday, July 31, 2010

RP Recap

We did it! We finished our 15 day cycle of Relaxation Protocol, with some minor modifications to the program.

Overall, I think Oreo did understand the whole idea was to "relax". By day 10, when we were done with the session, he didn't want to get off the mat. Even when I gave him extra treats for staying in the relaxed state, said "ok", "we're done", walked into the kitchen to put the treats away, he was still hanging out on the mat.

Here is a video I took after our 11th session. Usually, I let him stay on the mat until he was ready to get up on his own, but I didn't want the video to go on forever!

We still need to work on desensitizing the front door. When the protocol began reading "disappear from view", I went into the kitchen rather than go out the front door as I think was intended.

I didn't bother with any doorbell ringing. I stuck to knocking, which still caused some reaction.

I do feel like we accomplished something. Not sure what yet, but it was 13 pages of typed tasks! Surely that counts for something! Where's the pomp and circumstance?

What's next? Off to the great outdoors. AKA the backyard. I think doing some tasks in the cemetery where we walk everyday would be a good idea as well. Then, maybe we'll take it on the road and start using it for specific circumstances (vacuuming, front door, neighbor's screaming children, etc.).

Maybe if I ordered a bunch of stuff from the Gap, amazon, and KVpet supply, and Jeff ordered a bunch of stuff from eBay, I could work on guy in big brown truck thing too.

Oh wait...we already do that! The problem is I have to put my book down to train my dogs, because guy in big brown truck always shows up when I'm sitting on my lounge chair reading.

Hmm. On second thought. Those brown shorts are kinda suspicious. Who wears such things, only people trying to blend in with the trees, right? Best to let him think my dogs are vicious.

Jury is still out on whether this will have any effect on Oreo's stress level in everyday life. I think we need to do more work to see. RP is very mundane, tedious and downright boring compared to what we usually do. Maybe that is a good thing. Maybe that is the entire point.


Priscilla said...

Sara, I think you did such a great job on Oreo!! Really, all that hard work and patience has really paid off!! Good job, both of you!! So glad Oreo loves to relax now!

Dawn said...

You did an awesome job. I read the whole thing and was intimidated!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oreo - stop relaxing NOW and get up and show some enthusiasm and excitement!! Come on, now, I mean it! I didn't want you to relax forever!! LOL!

Some times I just lie there and stare at mom too. It's gotta be my decision to do something :)

Glad you made it through the 15 days of RP. I am sure it is meant to be kind of boring - if it were exciting, who would ever be able to do it?

The brown uniform is so that they blend in with the brown truck not so they can sneak up on people, right? Now you have creeped me out! LOL!

Kathy said...

I AGREE whole heartedly, RP is something that you should get a little gold star for doing because it does not have things that are fun to watch or show off to the neighbors, or even post a video of, they dont leave you feeling like you accomplished anything you get to show everyone else, but at the same time I really thought they were cool because I noticed the dogs have learned/are learning to defer to me more and that they can control their emotions. I have just noticed being able to help my dogs not respond as out of control with triggers, I see it in small ways in different things like if I stay calm they are more likely to look to me and decide to stay calm themselves, even the stuff that goes on at the front door is getting better which is sort of one of my barometers= think FIVE, noisy, over the top shelties and border collies going off every time the neighbor kids walk up to the door, LOL, I bet you can imagine why I felt that was a problem.

betty said...

Well done, Sara and Oreo I am really looking forward to being with you guys in a couple of week.
I promise to be calm. LOL

Diana said...

Congrats on making it thur all 15 days. What dedication! Always fun to get something from the brown truck. "I dont remember ordering anything, o'yea, : LOL Diana