Sunday, July 11, 2010

no blues but 2 Q's

Sorry, but no videos of our runs today. Too many things going on at once. Everyone was very busy, due to working and ring conflicts. I didn't want to add any additional tasks to anyone's day. I know how important it is to have time to focus on your dog.

I had to walk my colors and standard run at the same time. That was a first for me.

We ran colors first. The judge was the same one from our very first trial! She is great. Since there were no contacts, she sat down to judge. That made it so much less stressful for Oreo. He flew through the course, and had one of his highest yards per seconds ever. I was thrilled, even though we came in second place. He ran with confidence.

Here is the map. I chose the square numbers course. I didn't think doing the tunnel at the beginning was a good opener. Oreo is always happier jumping. I know I picked the right course.

Next up was Standard.

Oreo got off to a great running start... jump, tunnel, .... then my, smarter than an honor student, dog saw the second tunnel and thought, "That's a stupid idea, I just did a tunnel, shouldn't we be doing a jump? I'm going to go do that jump over there. Oh wait, why is my mom hanging out by the tunnel? Hmmm, I guess I'll just watch the dogs running in the colors ring for awhile until she gets with the program and meets me at the jump."

I waited for Oreo to reengage with me. It seemed like forever, but I'm sure it was only a few seconds. Eventually, he did go in the tunnel. He did some more rubber necking on the dog walk, and a quick one on the A-Frame, but I thought we might actually pull this run off. We got back to the troubleseome tunnel. Oreo went in, and I ran to meet him at the other end. Next thing I know, he is running next to me. Guess I ran before he had really committed to the tunnel. My bad. So, I went on to the teeter and we finished. NQ AGAIN, due to "Failure to complete an obstacle." MAJOR fault!

We sure are setting a trend. I think this is our 3rd try. Maybe our 4th? Why do they have to use such harsh words as "failure" and "major"? Surely no special ed teachers are writing the rulebooks. I would say "opted out of obstacle fault" instead.

Wildcard walk thru was going on as soon as we were done. I was sweating. At this point, any sunblock I'd put on my face was down at my belly button. It was nice having my runs close together, but a break would have been welcome. Towel please!

Same quiet ring by the corn field as Colors. No contacts. The judge is still sitting down! We can do this!

I opted to do 3a, 6b, and 9a. The more jumps the better. My teacher's husband was doing ring crew, and he moved to the chair furthest away from the course for Oreo. Plus, I made sure to run the course so I was on the outside when ring crew was around.

Oreo did great! No looking around. He was focused and just about equaled his YPS from his colors run. Plus, we got our handlers level 2 title!

At this rate, I predict we will be at level 5 handlers, and still stuck at level 3 standard. Exactly whose standards are we trying to meet anyway? Clearly, they are not someone I want to meet!

I was talking to a fellow sheltie owner. I told her Oreo was very shy and wasn't really into trialing. She said, "Well, you sure couldn't tell from your last run."

That was the best part of my day. We didn't earn any blue ribbons, but I was really proud of my little black and white dog. He had 2 really awesome runs! And standard? Well, someday we'll get that elusive level 3 standard q. Unfortunately we need 4 q's to move up to level 4. OMG.

I can't believe no one (except my aunt) has guessed who we are seeing in concert tonight. Did you mute my videos?


Diana said...

LOL, Yes I mute all videos. Sorry, Miley gets to excited when she hears agility videos and trys to bite the computer. So unless someone comments about the music, I mute just in case. LOL sorry.

Congrats on your runs!!! We are starting to hate standard too. One year in Open and we are no closer because of the table. LOL o well.
Have fun tonight!! Diana

new hip dad said...

as long as you and oreo are having a good time. sounds like there was not a lot of waiting around today. I would have thought with the huge numbers that you'd be sitting a long time. maybe time for a nap before bj tonight

AC said...

*gasps* You're seeing Bon Jovi?! *gasps*

What a day! Great runs from "can't tell he's shy" Oreo and a concert! Sounds like a perfect summer day...

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Awesome trial day for you guys!!! Congratulations! Glad to hear Oreo was so fast and confident! We hate standard too because of that darn chute! We only have 1 out of 3 legs to get out of Exc. A. Seems like we are all in Standard pergatory!!LOL!

I didn't recognize the song in your last video - I just listened again - sorry! I told you we don't know rock stars!

Hope the $5 water was refreshing! That's ridiculous price gouging!

Kathy said...

See we all have summer brain, LOL so no one is good at guessing. Hope you have a good time tonight.

WHOOOOO HOOOOOO sounds like a most excellent day for Oreo, he is doing awesome and he looks so proud of his ribbons..... and seriously I think everyone has a little place they get stuck for a little while, and I am stuck in akc open standard, see it is that standard thing... and starting to think I will be there forever, LOL, so looks like we all have some good company stuck in standard between you, me and Diana, but what the heck, we will all move on eventually, when the time is right, LOL.

I am really glad you had a good day and sounds like Oreo handled the bigger trial just fine!

Nicki said...

What a great weekend. Oreo looks so cute with all his ribbons. I just to hug him!

Marie said...

I'm so glad to hear that the trial went well! That is such a compliment when someone tells you that they'd never know that Oreo was shy from the way he's running.

Your new suggestions for the names of faults cracked me up. The "opted out of obstacle fault" might be a bit long to say, but I guess you could shorten it to the "triple o" fault. :-)

Lian said...

Congratulations to your Qs! Well done Oreo and your superb handler Sara!

Sara said...

I am totally going to call it the "triple o" fault from now on! LOL! Love it!

Jules said...

Congratulations on your weekend. Jen LaPierre was the judge of my first trial ever too. I have run under her multiple times and love her. I especially love her Snooker courses!

Dawn said...

Triple O faults can be construed as learning opportunties! LOL! Great day!