Sunday, July 4, 2010

home again & my trial

Here are the last photos from our trip:

Misty had made herself quite at home:

Jeff was very proud of himself for being able to almost keep up with my Dad in unexpectedly hilly Plymouth. On the last day, Jeff road over 20 miles. Later, we had to drive the route in our car so my mom and I could see the beautiful roads they had discovered, while hearing, "Oh, this was a good downhill...."

We were awakened at 5:30AM by some loud lobster men checking their pots. The Lobster Pound said that the day before the 4th of July is their busiest day of the year. Guess the lobster guys wanted to cash in.

So, thanks to the lobstermen, we got an early start. The dogs slept the whole way home. I don't know how Misty finds this position comfortable, but that is always how we find her in the car.
After a riotous bout of joy when we pulled into the driveway, the dogs pretty much slept the whole day away.

Back to reality!

I ordered this photo of Oreo from our last CPE trial. This shot was snapped during Oreo's happy moments in our standard run. Worth going to the trial, just to get this shot. Dontcha want to eat his cute paws for lunch?
Photo by Frank Jansen

We are entered in a DOCNA trial today. Just two runs. As much as I love DOCNA, I think we may have to scratch.

It is going to be 90 and sunny today. I contracted lyme disease a few weeks ago, and am taking doxycycline for 21 days. The doxycycline has made my skin super sensitive to the sun & heat. I have a horrible burn on my hand from our trip to P-Town last Monday, despite wearing SPF 45. I simply don't see how I will be able to stay covered up and cool at the outdoor trial.

We are signed up for a CPE trial next weekend. Hopefully, the weather will cool, and I can lather myself in zinc oxide. That morning will be my last dose of the doxy. I can't wait to get off the meds, and move on from this unpleasant fight against lyme disease.

Wishing everyone a safe fourth of July holiday.


Diana said...

Great shot of Oreo!! Yea you probably shouldnt be in the sun wiht that medication. Take a break. How did you know you had lyme disease? Diana

Sara said...

I had the classic bulls eye rash, along with swollen lymph nodes. I was lucky to get the rash, because I was able to catch the disease in its early stages.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Awesome photo of Oreo jumping!!!

Sorry to hear that you have lyme disease - will it be completely gone after the 21 days of antibiotic? I sure hope so and thank goodness you caught it so early!

Glad to hear you guys got home safely! Happy 4th of July!

Sara said...

With any luck, my lyme will be cured after the 21 days. My symptoms subsided drastically within a few days of starting the doxy. Now, I'm just dealing with the side effects from the medication.

Jules said...

Wonderful shot of Oreo.

I am so sorry to hear that you contracted Lyme. That sucks. You are lucky you saw the rash and caught it so early. I hope the doxy does the trick and you are back to normal in no time.

Kathy said...

Lyme disease, I am so glad you caught that, hope the Doxy clears it all up and things are back to normal soon. I have heard that is a hard medication with the side effects ;-(.
Great picture of Oreo, that is why I wanted to start trialing-- for the pictures, LOL, but we have not had any photographers, glad you got an excellent jumping picture!

Nicki said...

Great photo! Hope you feel better soon and can enjoy the sun again. It's cloudy and misting here today :(

Marie said...

Love the photo of Oreo! That is just aweful about getting Lyme disease. It's just not common at all out here, (which I'm grateful for). It sounds like it would be a good idea to skip the DOCNA trial this time and go for the CPE next weekend.

Dawn said...

I'm slow catching up, didn't realize you had caught Lyme. That's terrible. Hoe you're feeling better now, it's a long haul.

Oreo looks wonderful, the dogs had such a good time over in did you! And we did too of course because you shared it all!

Can't wait for your next vacation! LOL