Friday, July 2, 2010

can you tolerate any more of my vacation photos?

Buoys as seen from our lunch table at Wood's Seafood.

Burial Hill - with graves dating back to the 1600's!

View from Burial Hill. Who knew the dead would have the best view in town? We sat for a while on a bench, nestled among some very old graves. With big trees to shade us.

Church of the Pilgrimage, as seen from inside the courthouse.

Courthouse on left & First Parish Church. Burial Hill is directly behind the church.
Unusual sign on Cape Cod.
This one made me laugh!

Oreo and Misty on their thrones (this was NOT a posed photo! That's where they really sit). Um, where are the humans supposed to sit?

Lobster cookies for the dogs!

Today is our last day in Plymouth. We plan on going to the Plimoth Plantation, and maybe a tour of the Grist Mill. Then, we'll top it off with one more lobster dinner.

Misty actually chased/played with Oreo in the yard yesterday. Misty hasn't chased Oreo in months. Maybe vacation was just the medicine she needed! A little sea air to bring out your youthful side?


LauraK said...

I'm not tired of your photos! I love that part of the country, so it's fun to see all of your pictures :) Especially since Oreo and Misty are vacationing too- I hope my dogs are as lucky someday! Enjoy your last day!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Glad the summer and time off is bringing out Misty's playful side!
The graveyard looked lovely and peaceful.

Lian said...

Lovely photos, they made me want to go on holiday! Love the lobsters cookies though!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Your vacation photos have been great - next best thing to being there!

Humans sit on the floor, of course!

I bet a relaxing vacation by the sea was exactly what Misty needed!

Have a wonderful last day!

Marie said...

I love all the photos. Gives me a chance to "travel" to some places that I may never get to see otherwise.

That "Thickly Settled" sign is too funny. I don't think I've ever seen a sign like that.

Diana said...

We love the photos. So glad Misty is feeling on top today. Diana

AC said...

I read your title in my sidebar and said, "Yes!! More please!" It's been so fun to go on vacation with you =) One of my favorite things about blogging is seeing pictures from blogging friends who live around the country and world. The landscape is so different everywhere.

Love seeing Oreo speed around the yard!

Kathy said...

You really have taken some gorgeous photos, I would have trouble leaving there, it just looks so cool, and so peaceful. Wow, Misty what a good girl to really get into vacation mode~ Hope you have a really good last day in Plymouth~

Sam said...

Great photos - the blue flowers behind blazing Oreo really make for nice scenery. You seem to be enjoying your vacation - good for you!

Dawn said...

You're going to miss this place! Wonderful photos, I am never tired of seeing new places! I love the one of the buoys, and the church through the window..and of course Oreo running as fast as he can near the hydrangeas.. but the thrown picture? Priceless! Humans can adjust, never ever bother the prince and princess!