Sunday, July 11, 2010

busy day

Took my last dose of the evil doxycycline yesterday morning, and am ready to get back to my real life.

First up? A CPE trial this morning! I'm still going to take huge precautions to reduce sun exposure, in case I have lingering effects from the doxy. My burn from almost two weeks ago still hasn't healed completely.

Oreo and I are signed up for Colors, Standard and Wildcard. I plan on doing Colors and Standard, and then see what Oreo's mood is like. If he is relatively stress free, we'll go ahead and do the wildcard run. Oreo always Q's both colors & wildcard, so hopefully he is doing ok and the weather isn't too hot/humid/stormy.

My only fear is the size of the trial. Over 180 dogs and almost 600 runs. I'm hoping the fact that it is at our school will help lower Oreo's stress level.

I'll try and twitter our progress today.

Next up? I've got to come home and take a nap!


Jeff and I have plans for tonight. I'm so excited! We're going to a rock concert. Can you guess who we're seeing? I gave you hints this week....did you catch them?

Getting up at the crack of dawn for our trial, and then staying up past my bedtime, later than I have in over a decade....I should be certified luggage on Monday. Wasn't that a great day to schedule my annual physical?


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Good luck in your trial today! Hope the weather cooperates and that Oreo has a fun and stress-free day!

No, mom and I are clueless on rock songs and we're sorry we didn't get the clues. Your blog titles from the past few days must be lyrics to songs? Mom and dad played a concert with Peter Cetera (Chicago) last night and it took them back to elem. school/jr.high days - You're the Inspiration, Hard Habit to Break, 25 or 6 to 4....pretty fun. So I hope you and Jeff have a blast at your concert!

Diana said...

OK, Im must be brain dead because I didnt see any clues either. LOL Good luck today and have fun tonight! Diana

Kathy said...

You seem to be taking full advantage of your summer vacation!!! Have a great time and good luck at the trial and enjoy what sounds like a very busy day!!!

LauraK said...

Have a great time at your trial, we'll be looking forward to hearing about it as always :)

Hopefully you can make it through the concert without falling asleep, I'm sure you'll have fun time!

AC said...

"I should be certified luggage on Monday" Haha! What a great line!

Have fun today with Oreo. We'll check back in for updates. Have no clue of the rock clues...will have to do some more investigating.

Marybeth said...

Is it at SPAC? Have fun!

Sara said...

It is at SPAC, and we're sitting first time ever inside! We're in the balcony.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sounds like you guys are doing great!! I love the Twitter updates! Sure does feed my blogging addiction! LOL!

Sam said...

Good luck at your trial. Good thing it's indoors, because I can't even think of WALKING Marge in this humidity, let alone run agility! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Honey the Great Dane said...

How exciting - a rock concert!! I've only been to a few live concerts in my life and I don't think any of them could count as "rock" - been to see Simply Red & Michael Jackson back in the UK and then Pink & Gwen Stefani when we were living in Auckland...

Have a great time!