Saturday, July 24, 2010

before the rain & help for a friend!

My rock star(how many days can I keep calling him that?) and I practiced some weave entries in the yard Thursday night & Friday morning before the rain came in.

The video tells the story. I wasn't too concerned about the tunnel entrance to start off, but we did get it right in the end (I think).

Why do I put all my videos to music? I'm thinking ahead. When I'm sitting in a retirement home someday, I am going to have the best home movies out of anyone! Liven the place up a little.

Speaking of keeping things blogging buddy, AC, has been given a spot on Livestrong's Team Fatty (hip dad, you would love this guy's blog!) to run in the NYC Marathon! Wow! How cool is that?

Now, AC needs to raise $3500 for Livestrong, you know, Lance Armstrong's Foundation. (Jeff has done nothing but watch Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France for the past few weeks! He watched the entire thing.) I'm sure many of you have loved ones who have battled cancer, and if you could help AC out with this fantastic adventure, I know she would appreciate it! I know she will certainly train her butt off, to make us all proud!

Here's a link to her post about it, and the website to donate, if you'd like.


Kathy said...

lOVE the tunnel sends, the enthusiasm and the weaves, he is really driving through those, look at Oreo GOOOOO!

LauraK said...

I love that all of our dogs are becoming rockstars! You can call him that as long as you want :) It's so fun that we're all on this journey together!

That's so awesome that you're helping out AC. What an opportunity to run in the NYC marathon- she's quite the athlete! I know I'd never ever in my life want to do a marathon, but I envy people who do :) Go team AC!

Priscilla said...

Oreo is really on the roll! He is truly a rockstar!
You're a star for helping out AC! Go team AC, we're all behind you!

Dawn said...

Rock star rules!

And I'll go over to AC's blog and see what she's up to!

AC said...

"When I'm sitting in a retirement home someday, I am going to have the best home movies out of anyone! Liven the place up a little."

Haha! You had be belly laughing with this one. Always love yous videos and Oreo looks likes he's having so much fun! Rock on Oreo!

Thanks so much for the shout-out for the LiveStrong event. I was so excited to see that I got a donation from Sara AND Misty and Oreo! That made my night yesterday.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement. It means a lot!

Sam said...

Oreo looks GREAT! Looks like a nice fun little training session in the backyard.

We donated to AC last night - I think it's sooo awesome that she's going to run in the marathon!

Diana said...

Oreo is a rock star!! Great weave entrances!!

Ive been reading the Fat cyclist for a while now and I dont even ride a bicycle. He cracks me up. I got my husband reading it too.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Awesome backyard practice! Yep, by the end Oreo was really getting those weaves entries! Way to go!

I thought your retirement home comment was so funny!