Monday, July 5, 2010

backyard practice

Oreo has an acupuncture tune up tomorrow. The first question the vet always asks is "How are his weaves?" Guess that is a good indicator of how Oreo's body is feeling physically.

Well, we haven't done weaves in forever! I figured we better try it out and see how he is.

Due to my horrible medication and not being able to get any sun exposure, I set up the poles last night after the sun went down. Then, I had Oreo practice this morning while the yard was still shaded.

Clearly, no problem with his weaves! Then, I pulled out the chute, and set one bar at 16 inches. I want to keep doing 16 inch jumps intermittently so Oreo is prepared when we due teacup in the Fall. I also want to practice the chute more, just in case we do encounter it in a trial. Notice Misty join in!

It is going to be really hot this week. Not looking forward to it. I'd like to go to class on wednesday night, but we'll see how hot it is!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Looking good! Oreo must feel great by the way he is flying through those weaves!!!!

Yes, it's going to be very HOT - it actually already is HOT! Don't know how much outside time any of us is going to get this week.

LauraK said...

You all look great! Misty is so cute popping out of the shoot like "here I am, what do I get?".

So sorry to hear about the Lyme's disease and the horrible medication, definitely doesn't sound like fun. Hopefully you get better quickly!

Thanks again for sharing your vacation pictures- I miss them already :) But, I enjoy seeing you all back in action on the agility field!

Kathy said...

I like the tandem chute with both dogs! Boy Oreo is doing his weaves really fast, good job! Oreo looks like he likes the chute, no fear there!

Diana said...

Beautiful weaves!!! Diana

Jules said...

SUPER weaves!!

betty said...

Oreo goes through the weaves like lightening. Misty makes me laugh. She seems to love the chute but stops on a dime in front of the poles to be jumped.Thinking of you, I hope you recover from the lyme disease soon.

Marie said...

Oreo's weaves look great! Glad he's feeling good.

Sara said...