Saturday, June 12, 2010

teacup trial - Friday night's story

Teacup is an experience! Too funny to see the tiny equipment. Oreo had to duck to get in the tunnel. Plus, the obstacles were so close together. Quite a contrast from last week's DOCNA courses, where the obstacles are really spread out.

Oreo was literally one of the biggest dogs there. He measured above 15 inches, so he got put in the highest class and had to jump 16 inches.

Measuring was an experience. The trial was also a judges clinic. Oreo was the guinea pig, since he was so borderline between 12 and 16 inch jump heights. I mean REALLY borderline. I think he is about 15 1/4 inches tall. The cutoff to jump 12 inches was 15.

There were 4 judges hovering over him, countless fingers prodding his back looking for his shoulder bones.

"Let's try one more time." "No, you don't have the wicket on his shoulder blades, this is where his shoulder blades are."

Poor Oreo. If I wasn't desperate for him to come in at 12 I would have put up more of a fight. They were all very nice about praising Oreo for his patience, and using a nice tone of voice to keep it a positive experience for him. However, they could not get the wicket to sit flat on the table. I think one judge was willing to sign off on 12 inches, since Oreo did measure under 15 inches in CPE, but we needed two signatures.

I had a feeling this might happen, since we had the same experience (with a different outcome) in CPE. CPE didn't use a wicket. In anticipation, I had been practicing a few 16 inch jumps this week. The higher jumps actually seemed to amp Oreo up a bit. I was a bit worried if he could pull them off in a trial.

Jeff said, "If he can jump on the bed, and reach the kitchen counter, he can jump 16 inches."

He was right!

Our first run was colors. One of our favorite games. Short & sweet. 10 obstacles. I chose the course with the smoothest line, even though it was almost all JUMPS! Oreo did the course in 20 seconds (SCT was 40 something). No Q, because he went around one jump. However, he did the chute for the first time ever in competition!

I was thrilled with his time, considering we were in a facility we had never been to before. No video due to technical difficulties.

When I went to check our results, the judge said, "You didn't q because you didn't bring your dog back around to correct the jump he missed."

I said, "I know. I don't correct my dog, because he's perfect."

Here is the course map. We did the course with the circle numbers. I think Oreo went around jump 8.

Our second run was blackjack. Basically you have to earn 21 points, without going over, in a certain amount of time. Various obstacles are worth different point values. I had played it in league before. There was also a gamble for extra points, I skipped that.

Here is the map with my plan. I changed it slightly when I walked the course. I decided to take the jump labeled "6" instead of the one closer to the weaves. It walked different than it looked on paper.

Oreo dropped two bars, both when we were turning. However, I was able to think on my feet and find a couple extra jumps on our way out of the course to get our 21 points.

It was getting dark out by the time we got to blackjack, but Jeff was able to get a fuzzy video. Oreo did some rubber necking on this run, but he tends to be that way in games where the judge has to call out numbers. He didn't look as comfortable in the ring as he did on our home turf last weekend.

Overall, I thought Oreo did really well. Outside the ring is where I am seeing a huge difference in confidence levels. He is able to drink water, pee, do all his tricks & dare I say, relax, with people/dogs in very close proximity. That was something he was unable to do a few months ago.

I planned on going back Saturday to try out a couple more games and standard, but it was a rainy day. Better to stay home. I may try again on Sunday. I never picked up my ribbons for our last run. It was 9PM when we finished. Past my bedtime!


Priscilla said...

Sounds like everything has been going well for Oreo after his injury!
Those jumps in blackjack were pretty high!
I loved your "I don't correct my dog because he's perfect." I agree :)

Nicki said...

Great job. And way to give up a Q just to give your dog confidence.

Kathy said...

So glad you got video because A) I always love to watch Oreo, and B) I have never been to a tea cup trial and it was really neat to see the jumps with the closer stantions, the tight distance between obstacles, the small tunnel, and those weave poles looked too cute. I would say Oreo really gets some bonus points because he had to notice how things looked so much different, like having to duck to get into the tunnel and having it that much closer around his sides, and those jumps had to look different to him, then with the measuring challenge, LOL, and still on that video he looks sooooooo much more at ease and confident then even a few months ago-that is terrific he could roll with the punches even with the different looking equipment. Whooooooooo Hoooooo. Congrats on your Q and the quick thinking you had to do on your feet for that. Sounds like a great experience even after the measuring stuff. Good JOB OREO!

Sara said...

I was expecting the dogwalk and aframe to be smaller, but the mini tunnels and jumps with closer stantions really were the things that stood out to me. And then when I saw the weave poles! OMG, I just wanted to burst out laughing. five foot self felt like a giant for the night!

Dawn said...

Way to go both of you! I for one would not be able to do arithmetic while running and pointing out things for my dog to do!

And good job to Oreo for fitting his body into those tiny spaces! And for putting up with those judges who couldn't measure! Geesh!

So does this mean he has to jump 16 from now on? Or can you go back to the CPE measurement?

Sara said...

He'll only have to jump 16 at teacup trials. All the other trials he can jump 12 inches.

So, we will practice a little bit of both. Our next teacup won't be until october.

Diana said...

LOL those tunnel were little. Im so glad Oreo is gaining confidence. WhooHoo!! Diana

Kathy said...

so with those little weaves what is their weave spacing? I thought Oreo looked like he jumps really nice at 16 inches.

Sara said...

Good question. I'm not sure. They weren't 24!

Kathy said...

LOL, that was my thought that those were definately not 24 inch poles, but they look like they could be 21 inches?

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hey, great job you guys! I was so glad you got some video - funny to see Oreo looking so big next to all that equipment - ducking to get in tunnels, and the weaves poles cracked me up too! But it was a good experience for Oreo and I am happy that he is so comfortable at trials now. We keep thinking we should try some CPE trials this summer - they are outdoors (never done an outdoor trial) and we could try the games and start with easier courses. If only mom would register me!

Good luck if you go tomorrow!

Sara said...

Teacup regs. say anywhere from 18-22 inches. So, who knows?

CPE is fun. We started at level 2. Level 1 seemed way too easy.

Sara said...

Yea, I thought he did good at 16 inches too. We could jump 16 in DOCNA if we moved up to competition division. I'm pretty sure we would have to jump 16 in USDAA too. Who knows, it may help increase his speed...

madcobug said...

You both did really good. I would never remember what comes next on the obstacles. Loved your answer on him being perfect. Helen

Marie said...

Great job! I'm glad you got video too. If you think you looked giant at 5', just imagine what I'd look like out there at 5'10". LOL

I knew the equipment was smaller, but I never even considered the tunnels being smaller.

That's really good that Oreo was relaxed too!