Sunday, June 13, 2010

teacup - sunday's story

The weather improved a bit on Sunday. Overcast all day, cool, with a light mist most of the afternoon. Not bad weather for trialing. It started raining when we were in the car on the way home. Perfect timing.

We arrived at the trial just as they were starting the fullhouse run. I looked at the course map, thought "this is so easy". Signed us up, and we were the second dog to go.

I didn't even get to walk the course. Don't know what I was thinking.

We almost pulled it off. Missed it by one lousy point. Major bummer. At least we tried. Fullhouse is not one of my favorite games, but there was a really smooth path that enabled us to get our three jumps, two circles and joker.

Next up, 2 standard runs. Both had the chute and the table. Two things we rarely practice.

Luckily, the judges made the table,"handler's choice", which meant you got to pick whether you wanted your dog to sit, stand or down for 5 seconds. We did sit. In hindsight, stand may have been a better choice.

Everyone I knew was running their dog in the same class, so I brought my tripod and set up this birdseye view of our run. Can you see us? We start in the right bottom of the screen for both runs.

You'll see Oreo go around the chute, and then you can't see that he goes in the wrong end of the tunnel afterward. No Q. I think if I had stayed closer to the entrance of the chute, he may have gone in.

Check out how FAST Oreo was moving at the start of our run with the scary judge SOOOOO close! I didn't realize how close he was until I saw the video.

On our second standard, it was handler's choice again. Oreo was distracted by something in the woods, but I got him to sit. Then, he went around the chute again, and went in the wrong tunnel entrance after the chute. Isn't he consistent? Notice the judge didn't call faults for those! She was a judge in training. Unfortunately, someone was watching and those faults got recorded and we got an NQ. We also had one dropped bar. He did much better with the jumps today than he did friday.

Here's our run:

Not a great weekend Qwise. However, Oreo did awesome outside the ring. He even barked! He rarely barks away from home, and never has barked at a trial before. Everyone always compliments me on how quiet my dogs are. Ha! If they only knew.....I was thrilled to see my little spitfire's personality coming out a bit, even if it was out of the ring. Plus, he laid down and took a little nap in his pen, even though we were sitting with a group of people/dogs. Progress.

Plus, I thought Oreo's times were pretty good. I'm not sure of our YPS. It didn't print out on our stickers. Hopefully, the scores get posted somewhere, and I can calculate those.

I would definitely do teacup again. Everyone was very friendly, and knew Oreo's name by the end of the day. Although some were teasing, calling him, "Pecan Sandie" or "Chips Ahoy". The environment is pretty laid back, but the courses are challenging, especially in the upper levels. Next time, I'll be more prepared. More chute, table and 16 inch jump practice ahead of time.

Even Jeff thought the chute looked like a weird obstacle. It was a really small opening, almost cavelike. Not sure why Oreo did it Friday, and then refused Sunday.

Usually Oreo is wiped out after a trial. Not this time. We went home and played in the rain.

We're taking a break from agility this week. I think we both need to do some other stuff, like sit on the deck and do nothing!


Kathy said...

I think the chute is hard for a lot of dogs and we dont practice it much either because it is so windy around here. Maybe he did it on friday not knowing it was a chute and thought it was a tunnel??? Then he figure out quick enough it was the chute and thought he w3ould not make that mistake again? I would consider your weekend a HUGE success because Oreo was running way faster it looked like, he looked good and if he was handling being outside the ring, barking and even took a nap, boy I would take that over a weekend of Q's any day because those Q's will come fast and furious soon. Wow, you must be so proud of yourself and of Oreo, everything really looks like it is coming along!!! HUGE CONGRATS on a more relaxed, happy Oreo!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations on a hugely successful weekend! Oreo has made tremendous progress - he's much faster and confident out there! That is so awesome to see! I think Oreo has been watching videos of my trials though and he thinks going around the chute is how the obstacle is meant to be performed - LOL!

Sara said...

Lol! We've been spoiled in not seeing the chute in trials. Oreo loves our chute at home, but it is time to start practicing with the one at school.

I thought about you today every time he went around the chute.

Diana said...

You guys did great. Love how you got to set the camera up. Im so glad oreo is getting more comfortable. Diana

AC said...

Nice work this weekend! You two have been busy. I LOVE the picture of Oreo with his ball and his snoozing pose in your last post.

I'm so happy to hear Oreo's doing well outside the ring. I remember one of the assistant trainers in Kona's class being really surprised the day Kona jumped up and play-barked at a dog that zoomed by us. She'd never seen Kona so excited. I thought the same thing--if only she knew.

I wonder if Oreo had energy left in him because he wasn't as stressed. I know Kona always gets worn out during outings more because of stress than physical activity.

I hope you two get some good deck time soon!

Marie said...

I think that his progress is worth more than any q's.

Very cool that you had such a good time at the teacup trial. Will be interesting to see if we get any close to us.

Priscilla said...

What a great weekend!
I agree with marie that his progress is worth more than the qs he gets :)
I think it's a great idea to just sit and do nothing this week. You deserve the break!

Dawn said...

Oreo, you did great!!! I thought the little teeter was plopped down so quick because it was so short!

You looked like you were having fun! I'm always glad when Katie barks in class, that means she's getting back to her old Katie ways and is not scared or intimidated anymore. She usually barks if we're standing around too much because the instructor is talking too much! LOL!

I agree a week of deck sitting sounds perfect! I hope the weather holds so you can enjoy that.