Saturday, June 12, 2010

self timer saturday

I only had to proctor exams in the morning on Friday. Then, I gave my seniors a pizza party.

I gave each senior a card, along with $20. Inside the card, I wrote down what I love most about each one, along with some endearing memory. I told one girl I would miss the sound of her flip flops coming down the hall. She wore flip flops everyday, all year! Even when there was a blizzard.

This year I had 6 seniors. That was more than I've ever had before. What a great feeling to have so many kids make it to the end! It is amazing how fast those 4 years fly by.

After the party, I got to sneak up on Oreo & Misty, since I came home from work 2 hours earlier than usual.

My camera was getting dusty this week, so I decided to try some more self timer photos. Here is what we got.

serious Oreo
happy Oreo
lovey Oreo

bored Oreo
Our best shot!
Why don't you try out your self timer and see what you get!

Look for updates on our teacup trial this weekend!


Priscilla said...

Love the pictures!
You and Oreo look so happy there!
So happy for your kids and them graduating! You must be so proud of them!

Diana said...

What great shots! Im excited to here how the teacup trial goes. Mini equipment, lol . Diana

Dawn said...

Very nice photos! I'll look forward to hearing about the teacup trial. I didn't realize Oreo was small enough to fit into a teacup! LOL!

Your seniors are going to miss you! Bet they loved being special and getting a pizza party! I don't remember any of my high school teachers specifically, but I bet they will remember you, even when they are over 50 like me!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

What awesome gifts to give your seniors - the words you wrote on each card are the real gift (not the $20 although that is nice too! :) )

Great photos - who is cuter? You or Oreo? The lovey Oreo is sooooo adorable!

Good luck and the teacup trial! Sounds like it is going well so far - but 16" - crazy!

LauraK said...

What great pictures! I'm sure that's so rewarding as a teacher to have your students graduate :)

Good luck to you both at your trial, I look forward to hearing about it!

Kathy said...

You are getting good with the self timer photos. Best of luck this weekend at the trial, hope you guys have a fantastic time!

Honey the Great Dane said...

More fantastic self-timer photos!!

I loved them all - I often think that self-timers actually come out better than the photos that we ask other photos to take of us - the smiles are always more natural! And you can take as many as you like until you get it right, without having to hassle somebody else to help you!