Friday, June 25, 2010

oreo plays frisbee

Remember the photo I posted the other day, with Oreo being a contortionist?

Well, Kathy left a comment saying Oreo wants to be disc dog. Hmmm. I've always wanted Oreo to play Frisbee, and tried years ago, without much success.

Yesterday, I decided it was going to be my summer project.

For some reason, Oreo thinks the Frisbee is something he needs to bat with his nose. So, I got my treats out and rewarded him every time he caught it in his mouth. It seemed to be working. We are still at the stage where he stands looking at me. Oh, how I want him to run away from me for the Frisbee, like he does his ball. It would be so cool!

AC asked for some videos. Here are a couple shoddy videos I uploaded off my phone. You'll see why I usually use a tripod.

Nothing spectacular yet, but Oreo is getting excited about the frisbee itself. At one point, the frisbee flew into my garden, and Oreo spent quite a long while rummaging around in there looking for it. There may be hope! I may have a disc dog on my hands....if only I knew how to throw a frisbee properly. I'm sure Oreo would be more excited my throws were a bit more predictable and were higher.


Diana said...

Its looking great. I think throwing the frisbee is pretty hard too. Im sure there are books and classes on that too. LOL Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Gosh, I think Oreo is doing great! The second catch was really good! I would never in a million years try to catch that thing!

I'm sure there are classes and books and videos - LOL!

LauraK said...

I bought the dogs some of those frisbees a couple months ago, and Riley thinks they're awesome! I was so happy- I've always wanted a dog that plays frisbee too :) It's so much more fun to throw than a ball!

madcobug said...

I think he is doing great. Helen

AC said...

Thanks for the video. I think Oreo's a disc-dog in the making! I like how he immediately drops the frisbee to get his treat. I have a soft frisbee that Kona will catch, but then she expects me to chase her to get it back. The chase is much more fun than the catch!

betty said...

Thanks,AC. I hadn't a clue as to why Oreo kept dropping the frisbee.
He is really good at catching it.
Sara, you make me laugh. What does Jeff say about your throw?

Sara said...

Jeff pretty much shakes his head at everything I do with Oreo. He'll say....why don't you just let him be a dog. Of course, this morning Jeff wanted to get Oreo a cape, because Oreo was trying to fly from one piece of furniture to the other. Superdog!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Ha! HA! I tried to play Frisbee with Honey a couple of times - she just stood there looking blankly whilst the thing kept flying over her head! It was moving too fast for her to even notice it - duh! :-)

At least you seem to be having more success with Oreo. He learns everything so fast - I'm sure he'll be a Disc Dog in no time! :-)


Priscilla said...

Oreo is no doubt a superdog. he's so good at catching the disc. I've been trying to do it with Eva but to no avail. In the OB class, many dogs are so good at frisbee and I thought Eva might bet some clicks or hints from them but when other dogs chase for their frisbee, Eva chases after them, the dog not the frisbee : )

Marie said...

Oreo's great at catching the frisbee. I would love for Dare to catch hers, but she just zooms out to get it and then waits for it to hit the ground. LOL I'm not sure how to encourage to her to catch. I've tried short tosses straight to her, but she just thinks that's silly.