Thursday, June 10, 2010

last day of classes and the gold star

Whew! I've reached the end of classes for the school year. Exams start tomorrow!

I chose my outfit carefully today... never know what to expect on the last day. After the water balloon incident 3rd period, a lot of kids were suspended. I thought we were in the clear when lunch went by without any food fights.

However, I was on my way back to my classroom, carrying about 6 board games, and I saw the floor and stairwell were very wet. Whoa. I almost fell. Good thing I wore rubber soled shoes.

Whoa. Almost fell again. So much for my rubber soled shoes. Why is this water so slippery?

Turns out is was baby oil, not water. What a mess, not to mention dangerous! It took almost an hour to clean up.

By 8th period, I was wiped out. I have my resource room class then. Just 4 kids. We're like a family. Yep, we act like a family. The kids harass each other like brothers and sisters. They were on sugar highs today. I helped with a cookie cake. They were driving me nuts.

"Be nice."

"Stop picking on her."

It was controlled chaos.

Is it 3:15 yet? This is the longest day of the year!

I got up to put some calculators away in my filing cabinet, turned around and found one of my kids standing in front of me, holding a card with my name on it.


It was a thank you card, with a $25 gift card inside!

He wrote, "Thanks for putting up with me. Thanks for being there. Thanks for being a great teacher and friend."

What a great end to the school year. Love the "thanks for putting up with me" part.

Unfortunately, I also found out one of my kids is in the hospital and may not be in for exams next week. I don't know what is going on, but I'm quite worried. I had sent her a text message earlier in the day to let her know when her exams are since I hadn't seen her in a few days. She didn't return my text, so I knew something was up. Teenagers always respond to texts! Hopefully, I can find out more information tomorrow.

Even though my classes are over, it doesn't mean I've run out of gold stars!

This week's gold star winner is......


Here are her winning captions!

Oreo:Misty, are you comfortable?. . .

Misty: No response

Oreo: Because I'm comfortable.

Misty: Humph
Great job AC! I know you're an athlete, and have been working hard for your gold star! You sure earned it this week. I didn't feel like I gave you guys much material to work with. AC really captured Oreo's self centered side! If tables had been turned, there would have been a lot of snarling going on!

Honestly, I have no idea how these two dogs ended up in this position.


Kathy said...

wow, sounds like the last day of classes can be INTENSE, that baby oil incident was an accident waiting to happen, glad that you wore your rubber soled shoes and were watching out! How sweet to get that card, that is really nice.
AC did do a good job on the captions, congrats!

Kathy said...

sorry that was my computer trying ot post multiple times again-;-) Kathy

Gerry said...

I thought these photos were so cute and the caption was good. Baby oil? What purpose, to see people fall? My son Dan went to Utah and Babe, Raymond's border collie mix (Australian shepherd and heeler)was so happy to see him. Everyone was surprised including Raymond to think she remembered him so well and loved him. (he is a brother) I bought Raymond this book today "Soul of a Dog" by Jon Katz, writing about his dog Rose, among other dogs and animals, who is a working border collie on his farm. Raymond is going to love it. You might, too.

Jules said...

Holy cow! Sounds like a crazy last day! You have some very heartwarming and heartbreaking stories about your kids and you tell them well.

Love the captions - they are very appropriate!

Priscilla said...

Congrats on the gold star, AC!

What was baby oil doing there? So glad you wore rubber soled shoes...You're such a great teacher with your kids and it's so sweet how one of them gave you a card :)

Diana said...

Those crazy kids. Why do they act they way they do? Who knows.

What a great gift and card. How nice is that.

Im glad school is almost over for you. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

What a day! That baby oil was really dangerous - thank goodness you didn't slip and fall! I have never heard of such a thing!

Congratulations to AC on excellent captions for those photos! Misty is such a sweetheart to put up with Oreo!

Dawn said...

Wow. I don't remember my last days of school being like that at all. Of course that was 35 years ago so my memory may be failing.

I think most of your students appreciate you, really nice that one of them said so. He's probably heard from parents or someone how they "put up with him" and so he thinks he's trouble...but you know better!

Congratulations to AC!!! Great captions!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Ah kids, but they last day of school is so frustrating! Schools should pretend there is another week left and just spring the end of term on them. lol.

AC said...

Yah! Thanks for the gold star. I'm wearing it with pride!

Oh my. There's some humor (sad humor?) in the fact that you know you have to change your attire to handle the last day of classes. Yikes! One of those shake your head and chuckle (after the fact) absurd kinda days.

I hope your week of exams is a bit less eventful and hope your student is alright and can finish her school year.