Saturday, June 5, 2010

hot trial!

How do I know trial season has begun? My car looks like this again!

Dontcha love it? I do. It is what 4 wheel drive is made for. MUD!

So the day started off wet, but ended out being sunny, warm and muggy. Hmm. Not sure what would have been better. It was HOT. So, my wish for YPS records did not come to fruition, but Oreo ran like a champ, considering the warm temps and his black fur coat.

Here is our first run. I edited out the part where he ran around the first jump, because the rest of the run was so awesome! Teacher's husband realized it was probably his presence that threw Oreo off, and got up out of his chair. Then, Oreo ran really well. He apologized after our run, and told me he should have moved before Oreo ran. These people are so accommodating and kind to me and my dog. I mean really, there was no need for him to move, let alone apologize!
We took first place (although we were the only 12 inch intern level dog), and Q'ed. It was also our final leg at the intern level. So, we got a title ribbon! We were also the only dog to Q in the intern division.

I rewarded Oreo. Brought him back to his pen, then had to RUN back to the ring to walk the next course! Then RUN back to get Oreo and RUN again.


On our second standard run, Oreo took an off course tunnel under the dogwalk. He went in the blue tunnel, when he should have gone in the yellow. That's an NQ in DOCNA. Oh well, we already had our title. Then, he did a bit of rubber necking on the teeter. The person doing ring crew in the corner knew Oreo, and she tried to make herself as invisible as possible. You should have seen how she curled herself up in the chair. She apologized later for not doing a better job. I told her it wasn't her fault. DOCNA people are just the best.

Our jumpers run was after lunch. It was HOT, hot, hot. Oreo usually runs best in jumpers. But he was panting before we even got to the ring. This was our first time at the intern level, so I was worried we wouldn't make time. DOCNA jumpers has some really tough time requirements. Well, Oreo was one of the few dogs that made time at the intern level, and the only dog that Q'ed, even with his pause midway through the run to look at the crowd.

Overall, a very successful day. Oreo ran well, and I was pleased with his confidence level. Obviously, we still have some work to do, but I think we will always be a work in progress.

There were tornado warnings out, so luckily the trial ended before the next round of storms!

Thanks to everyone for all your support throughout the day!

New Hip Dad, there were tons of beginners dogs at this trial! You would have loved it. Missed having you there.


Nicki said...

Congrats. Sounds like a fun venue.

Sam said...

He looked great in all three runs. To me, he seemed like he was moving a little bit faster, too! Congrats on the successful but hot day!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Gosh, Oreo did GREAT!!!! He is so much faster and more confident than last year! You were really running lots of the time and he didn't look like the heat was getting to him. Just think how fast he will be in cooler weather! Congratulations on your Qs and your new title! What's after intern level? Sounds like DOCNA trials are really nice and have a very supportive atmosphere!

The twitter updates were lots of fun to read! We felt like we were right there with you!

Sara said...

Specialist comes after intern, but we may stay at intern for thru the nationals and work toward merit points. We'll see. Specialist is the highest level in DOCNA.

madcobug said...

He looked really fast in all the videos. Job well done. Helen

Diana said...

OMG Sara he was awesome. I saw you even had to do some backward steps on your front cross to keep up (2nd video) and the turn from the blue tunnel onto the dogwalk, wow!! The a-frame beautiful!! Whoohoo congrats!!! Diana

AC said...

Yaaaaaah Oreo!!! What a speedy, brave dog. I'm so happy for you two and for such a successful day!

That's great that you have people there who try to make things easier for Oreo. I always appreciate that for Kona.

Congrats again!

LauraK said...

Yay! I'm so happy you all had a successful first trial back! You two looked awesome out there- I seriously LOVE how you're always smiling :) He's definitely getting to be little Mr. Confident!

Kathy said...

wow, Oreo looked awesome and you looked awesome. I thought you looked really confident and comfortable, and Oreo seemed really comfortable. The fact he looked so good in this sun....we were out in the sun all day and that was brutal and there were so many dogs that were slow or would not do things because of the heat, you guys should be soooo very proud of yourselves, it looked GREAT!!! I am soooo happy for you and Oreo!!!!!

Priscilla said...

The runs looked great!!!
Both of you were so awesome!
Congrats on the Q!
The best thing was Oreo looked so comfortable there too :)

Jules said...

I am glad you and Oreo had such a great day in the heat! Way to go!!

Dawn said...

That was WONDERFUL! Oreo looked great! (So did you!) He's moving very fast now, glad he's all healed up and got to do this trial!

Did he sleep all day the next day?

Sara said...

Oreo is a bit tired this morning, but still wanted to play. I think one day of trailing was perfect for his return.

Marie said...

Sara, Oreo looked awesome! Congratulations!