Sunday, June 27, 2010

getting our bearings

We took a trolley ride around the town of Plymouth today, to learn where everything was.

Cute historic houses....
grist mill (where we ate lunch)
this was annoying
Plymouth rock is under those columns
Here is Plymouth Rock. Kind of smaller than you would think. They treat it like it is some sort of diamond.
Funny sign.

Mayflower replica
Oreo is making himself at home. In fact, he has had the easiest adjustment ever to our vacation spot. Usually Oreo hides in the bathroom. He is actually hanging out with us!

Now, we know where everything is, and what we want to visit next.


Kathy said...

OOOH that is soooo BEAUTIFUL. That looks like the most fantastic vacation, it really just looks like so much fun, no wonder with such a gorgeous spot Oreo wants to come out and enjoy it! I would love to go there someday.

Diana said...

It looks wonderful. So glad Oreo is doing better and feeling comfortable. Have fun!

O,yea and next time pay the lunch tab so you dont get put in the stocks. LOL just kidding. Diana

P.S The header is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Yes, your new header is beautiful! Love those hydrangeas!

Looks like such an awesome place but I was surprised at the size of Plymouth Rock too!

Glad that Oreo is doing so well and is so comfortable on vacation this time!

LauraK said...

How beautiful! I almost got a job up near Plymouth, MA, but obviously that didn't happen :) Wasn't meant to be I guess. But it looks like a lovely little town to visit, hopefully someday I can make it up there! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you and your vacation pictures :) Yay for Oreo settling in quickly!

AC said...

So cool!! As a west-coaster, I'm always in awe at the history along the east coast. But I've got to say, that Plymouth Rock is a bit wimpy =)

I was thinking about Oreo when I saw you first left for a trip and was going to ask how he handles travel. So glad to see him hanging out outside! I'm thinking about tagging along with Kona on a vacation with family and family friends. The destination is a beautiful semi-private beach, but the two day drive to get there worries me...we'll see.

Have fun exploring!

Sara said...

Oreo has been traveling with us since he was 8 months old. He usually is ok in the car, but I can't get him to potty at any rest areas. Too stressed out.

It usually takes him a few days to acclimate to his new surroundings, but this year, it was a pretty seamless transition. I'm chalking it up to the acupuncture. Within a day he is acting like he owns the place.

Marie said...

Ok, the new header is just gorgeous! We don't get to see many hydrangeas around here.

As for Plymouth Rock, I'd say it's small! LOL I was a little disappointed. I mean what makes that rock stand out from any other, besides the "1620" on it?

That's just super news that Oreo has adjusted so quickly and is enjoying himself. He looks like he's right at home in his chair. :-)

Sam said...

Gorgeous! I haven't blogged at all this week so I had no idea that you were going away. Oreo looks like he's having an awesome time - good for him, it always feels good when they take those big, confident steps, doesn't it?

PS - I, too, thought Plymouth Rock would have been bigger than that. Looks pretty anti-climactic!

Dawn said...

Wonderful...all of it! Glad Oreo has adjusted many hours drive was it?

Sara said...

It was about a 3 1/2 hour drive. Not too bad.

Priscilla said...

The trip sounds so wonderful and interesting. I love those houses, beautiful scenery too.

Oreo looks so happy in the picture. By looking at his smile, I smile too.